Rescue Journal

we got it done by one...

Carol  ·  Dec. 24, 2008

the house was finished by ten and then i went out to the barn, eva arrived and did the mp building cats and rabbits and then another friend arrived and helped finish the barn. i got all the water jugs filled so we are good if it freezes again. and then i made us tuna sandwiches and hot baileys..mmmmmm.!

my only funny today..... cuz the dogs were all in a bad mood (they didn't want to stay in the house alone but they didn't want to help in the snow either...they wanted me in the house with them and were all pissy in the freaking cold)...was...

a little bit sad too, and could have been disasterous but i discovered it while it was just funny/sad.

remember floyd the duck who intitially was afraid of water and then learned that he was a duck and fell in love with wet????

so i go into the chicken house to give them fresh food and water and there is floyd in an obvious pickle...he is stuck inside the water bucket. the sides are too high to spread out his wings and the water is too shallow for him to float at all, and the bucket is too small to take a big jump, so there he is standing chest deep in cold water, waiting for someone to rescue him...(again)...he is freaking lucky that water didn't freeze.

i put a smaller bucket in, one i hope even he can see is no good for a swim and i will check on that fruitcake duck when i go out to put the barn guys in.

ellie could be "Dasher" the rein-pig.... she sure liked the...... dashing thru the snow, with a herd of crippled dogs, o'er the field she goes but not onto the pond......sigh, she is so beautiful.

lahanie is good, joey is good, paluche is good, and even bridgette today is good...but...4lane has the poops and is pooping everywhere he goes today...that sort of sucks and now i am slightly paranoid about later finding a frozen ice cube bucket duck...bad floyd to worry me on xmas eve.



bless your heart ,you are their christmas miracle and many others to.merry christmas to you your family (furry ones to) and to the volunteers. may this year be filled with great donations ,adoptions to good homes for some lucky little or big animal and for your lifes to get a little easyer . thank again jan


they are both currently living on my bed and hogging my is a cat free zone. they are both sweet and lovely dogs and getting along well with the rest of the bed crew...sigh..i just wish my bed had some room for me!


Merry Christmas Carol and to all the volunteers. Thank you so much for working so hard for all these loving animals through the year. Carol thank you for mentioning joey and peluche. I hope they are getting along with everyone, hows peluche and the kittys ? hes such a dear old man. has joey found a friend who chases him instead? give them a extra little hug for me and have a wonderful christmas . Jan


Merry Christmas Carol, all Saints volunteers, and of course all the furry Saints!!!!!!!