Animal Updates

Kai (Abe)

Nicole  ·  Dec. 30, 2008

Posting this for Carol as she won't be home until late this evening.

Little Kai (formerly Abe from Ace of Hearts in California) was euthanized today.
The vets discovered a hole in his palate caused by a foreign body that had never been removed.
It wasn't surgically repairable at this stage in his life and the decision was made to let him pass. Carol was with him when he passed away.



oh my god how could someone be so uncaring to a dog. it breaks my heart to hear that story. if anything could have been done carol would have done it. you were not with us for long kai, but you were loved and you were cute as a button. i remember watching an spca show on animal channel down in the states and they brought in a dog that only had skin covering her bones. she stopped eating andfor the longest time wasted away. she was rescued and a god damn bone was found wedged up in her mouth. they could not save her. please dont give your dogs bones that fit in their mouths. i was guilty of this before i knew better and actually had to pry the bone out of my dogs mouth. he could not close his mouth, could not swallow or anything. he is one of the fortunate ones that survived, only because i was right there. what a lousy reason for that sweet little kai to have togo. rest in peace, little one.