Rescue Journal

we had such a great day today

Carol  ·  Jan. 1, 2009

wolfie and zues are still in the shop but at least for now they are warm and dry on this first day of the new year.

the beloved die hards got us thru all of the work by just past noon.

the dogs including the little ones all had their run thru the snow. and they had their mp room time too.
everyone is currently napping, snug and warm in soft beds inside a clean dry house..except for the barn guys. they have their coats and their daytime shelters so they are ok out there too.

ellie helped all around the barn. she and tunie had several different conversations today. tunie was kind but firm, ellie was a little bit whiny and then would hike off to play in the snow before coming back to report to tunie what she had done. she found laura's nice jacket unattended and renovated it for her. princess pigs should leave other peoples clothing alone.

i got this absolutely great picture of bridgette comfy and warm on her bed with her pillow and with star snuggled into her sound asleep. now i just have to figure out how to get it from the camera to the computer to chris so she can post it for you!

i will ask carrie tomorrow if she can move it for me.

the little guys and i had a nap on my bed while watching forrest gump, that was nice too.

copper is the only unhappy saint today, he is still woodling away cuz lynn forgot to take him with her for a home visit.

hot cup of tea, a few more cookies to fuel my next endeavor and then barn guys to bed, hot bath and laundry tonight.

today at saints we are at peace.


Eva Stock

Hi there;

so glad everyone had a great day at Saints. I wish I had been able to make it!! The cats have settled in here in the spare room. We are happier to have them here than worry about having to go all the way to the other side of town to feed etc. and they would be lonely too.

The boys are relaxing and wishing the holliday was going to be longer. Was supposed to visit in Maple Ridge today but too much chance of too much snow. I have had enough of that now. Bye for now Eva


Happy New Year! What a great day at SAINTS! I hope that this year is full of days like today. Yes, Zeus and Wolfie require bracing for the cold; but they wanted to spend the first day of the year at their favorite place - SAINTS! Anyway, what I really wanted to say was may every day be full of happy memories, content animals, and the humans of SAINTS.


so sorry copper, i will take you on saturday. it was a good day today at saints. what a nice way to spend part of the new years. it is great being around all the animals i love and the people who make saints, saints.