Rescue Journal

freaking complaining again.

Carol  ·  Jan. 3, 2009

as of last night, i have a bunch of coughing dogs...chyna, star, jewel, tyra...what's the common thread? hmmmm...barn? snow? ice? SALT????? shit.

so much for my freaked out over ice and falling solution.

nothing is easy, nothing is safe. just one freaking problem after another. i freaking hate winter.

today i will go looking for pet friendlier several wheelbarrows full of gravel strategically placed. moving wheelbarrows full of gravel in 3 feet of solid, wet and hard snow is going to royally suck big time, forget clearing the snow off the pile and shoveling the gravel into the barrows first. geez i am going to be on my knees and hacking away with all of them by the end of the day.

where is the west coast rainy winter weather? where the hell did it go? what is with this frozen north shit? it is too freaking hard with 100 animals.

darkness, snow, ice, frozen pipes in the winter, snowbound so you can't even get out. heat, draught and flies in the summer and fall, going bankrupt trucking enough water in. there is like 3 months of the entire year when it is relatively weather easy around here and I AM SO FREAKING SICK OF IT!!!!!!

sigh...enough bitching and whining...i can control many things...... except the uncooperative weather.

bridgette had a good night. by rights she should be coughing too (for different reasons) but thank god she is not. joey and peluchi are just so adorably cute. they, like suzie, chica and of course cuddles.... have the whole midnight stuck to carol like glue thing down to a fine art. unsticking them so i can get up to pee or check on bridgette or some coughing dog is not all that easy either. the saints suction cups live by one certain thing...physically attach yourself to a sleeping human and prevent them from moving freely.

i feel like gulliver tied down by the wee ones.

i have opened up the back FF cat room and am letting the cats mix back and forth. sadie and mia like this cuz now they can come looking for me. bitsy and clara think it sucks cuz now others can go into their room..they make pretty good scary noises to get everyone back out again tho.

ronnie and mother theresa are slightly improved with the last abx injection. i think mama t will do fine for awhile, the jury is still out on ronnie tho.

ahhh welll, another freaking snow packed day of freaking hard work...i would like to send god an email...

"excuse me sir, but if you could turn up the heat a few degrees for a week or ten days,.... just over saints (don't want to mess with the whole polar ice cap thing).... it would make caring for your creatures here not so freaking difficult."

if saints is on ley lines which are filled with positive energy, why can't our ley lines temperature be thermostat controlled by actual need? how big a miracle could that actually be????



First things first . . . Ronnie . . . maybe he wants to join his best-buddie from Pahrump, Capt. Jack. So many of them have crossed in the last 12 months - not just the ones at SAINTS. I wonder if they were infected within a relatively short time - it seems to make sense. Like Capt. Jack let those at Pahrump know, Ronnie will let you know. You have given him a wonderful life, Carol; and new friends, too. It doesn't get much better!

As for the weather - it's messed up all over; although in Las Vegas we do LOVE getting snow. We aren't used to it, but we do love it. Kids here actually got a snow day last month.

Linda Griffin

Also - I gave up on wheelbarrows in the winter - try a kid's plastic toboggan!!!

Linda Griffin

I gave up gravelling paths, I use shavings instead - much lighter. Of course up here in PG a huge truckload of shavings from the mill is only $85 - lasts a long time. I also got a pair of ice cleats (rubber booties with studs that go over the boots) but that of course does not help the horses.
Winter does suck - I often think of moving to the coast to avoid -30 below - but you guys are having a horrible winter too!!!! Linda


it is because they got salt on their feet, licked it off swallowed it and irritated their throats.

Chris T

The snow is out of control. I have never seen this much snow except in Quebec - where you expect it!

I am curious why are the dogs coughing? Is it from the cold or because the heat is on in the house?