Rescue Journal

it may be a pain in the ass...

Carol  ·  Jan. 4, 2009

but good lord it sure is beautiful up here. i had a late lunch with my daughter and her partner today...snow is snow but snow up here is so much more pure and lovely then snow down below. putting the barn guys to bed with snowflakes falling all around in the dusk may not bode well for tomorrow but tonight it stole my breath (in a good way.)

my favorite images from this weekend....

sparkles prancing in a never ending circle around the snowy wrought iron canopy in her pretty navy blue coat with pink trim...she looked like a living merry go round was magical.

spritely prancing in for dinner with the snowflakes glistening on her nose. she may not supposed to be trotting but she is so beautiful when she does.

the prettiest pink snow pig running thru the drifts to reach her dinner first.

the oh so lovely and very sweet sheep following in a perfect line along their perfect snow path.

carl's chocolate fur sprinkled with white icing.

even edith's devilish little horns sparkling with magical glistening snow.

for all that i bitch and complain, this is for me, heaven. the dogs waiting patiently on my bed, all in a row with the icicles hanging behind them outside the windows, the fireplaces casting their warm happy glow, the clean and pretty blankets on all of the beds.....AND the place smells great tonight too.

thank you saintly die hard volunteers...another winters day ends comfortably for all of the crippled crew....and for me too!



It sounds beautiful Carol. I'm so happy when I read that you had a great "worth it all" day.