Rescue Journal

saints marches on, sigh.

Carol  ·  Jan. 5, 2009

just because i happen to be at work does not mean saints sleeps and leaves me be.

all the staff were having trouble in the driveway so i got carrie to call our bobcat guy back again (he was just here on friday and i don't know how long we can afford $100 two or three times a week...STOP SNOWING!)

i talked to the vet on the way into work and gave her a list of all of the coughing dogs and their weights (we are up to seven now)...not the salt, looks like another bout with kennel cough, it is so a rotten reality of rescuing from shelters and pounds. by the time carrie took al in for his suture removal, the clinic had meds at the right dose ready for much easier when they have seen everyone recently.

hang on...molly is pooping another mile here......

ok..cleaned up.

i called and asked lane to clean off the heavy accumulation of snow on the wire outside roofs to the chickens and international disaster diverted. and then at lunch i noticed a huge broken, snow laden branch dragging down our power lines...another HUGE disaster diverted cuz randy came right up with his chain saw and cut those branches down. no power means no heat and no water because we are on a pump...not good for the seniors in this brutal weather right now. randy agrees with me that we may have a HUGER issue with the amount of wet snow weight on all of our roofs...there is two and a half feet at least up there, please god do not let our house come crashing down all around us...that would so very much suck.

the vet called me at work after lunch and the horses bloodwork is back. lahanie's is pretty good..just needs a couple of wormings. sparkles probably has cushings and needs a follow up double 18 hour re-test for confirmation before we can start treatment for her. gideon's was upsetting...high calcium, low phosphorus, indictative of cancer somewhere...saints without our white knight in shining armour?...don't even want to think about that yet. when the vets come back out to do sparkles, they will sedate and use a cathetor to get a urine spec on gideon. he is having some minor plumbing issues and we will look for malignant bladder cells just in case it is hiding in there. thirty three years old is ancient for any horse, but gideon is smaller and pretty healthy so we thought maybe he could live forever.

bridgette is a bit chesty tonight...not so much that she wasn't interested in sharing my smoked salmon sandwich tho....mmmm, good! hopefully her next dose of lasix and prednisone will move that fluid back out again.

i figured out in my head today while i was driving to see my clients that i think we are handing out about 120 individual doses of medications daily right now...some once a day, some twice and quite a few three times a day. some animals like jewel, bridgette and spritely get quite a few different kinds of meds....still...that is alot of meds!

so life at saints marches on relentlessly whether i am here or somewhere else...i truly love this place, but shit man it is a big worry most days.


Eva Stock

Hi Carol;

Will be there tomorrow and will catch up on all the charts and see what else I can get into. Have a thing in Maple Ridge in the am and will be back at approxiamately 12:30 Ok. Eva Couldn't stay this pm as I have to try and locate Brandon's school bag etc. as things are not where they should be. See you tomorrow. Eva.


maybe wait a bit elaine...saints young joey not a good mix for your guys. there may be a 12 yr old JRT coming soon from high kill in LA, he is supposedly great with other dogs....not great with cats tho....i can not remember if you have cats?

Elaine Strozek

sorry carol but that would mean four dogs for me I enjoy three and can give loads of time and love So keep me in mind okay or maybe we could try and see how I cope Okay call me when I can go play with them thanks


that is peluchie, he is 9 but he is part of a bonded pair with his friend who is quite a bit younger and has some challenging behavioral issues. since they are highly bonded and dependent on each other they need to stay together.

Elaine Strozek

Hi Carol Is there another small dog younger then Joey little playful I would like to foster another dog if one is available . I noticed a white dog possibly westie or poodle in all the lovely photos. She or he is sure cute