Animal Updates

for Carol

Nicole  ·  Jan. 6, 2009

here is my boo in honey's chicken costume because her fleece was in the wash.



Awwww! That made my day! I LOVE Carly!
PS Carol, I want to come see the crew soon as im long overdue, but the weather has been holding me back. Im going to try hard in the next little while to make it out. Do you have Sunday off?


That is just too cute!!! I think Ms Carley would make a great model for a pitti calendar - pitbull in a chicken suit, so apropos!! Love it!


" allowing that costume" Lol... that is what I was thinking too !! I miss Carly, she looks so happy Nicole , she is a lucky pooch


i miss carly what a doll and a trooper for allowing that costume. i am so glad you have her she is very lucky