Rescue Journal

not one of our better mornings

Carol  ·  Jan. 8, 2009

maude slept well. she ate and drank and took her meds whenever i asked her. the vet said the first 48 hours is critical until the abx's have a chance to start kicking in.

bridgette did not have a good night last night. she has been filling up with fluid every day around 5 pm. thus far i have managed to clear it before bedtime and she is good til the next early evening. while she did improve, she didn't clear and she is quite chesty this morning still.

i am in a bit of a bind as i know her foster mom from california arrived yesterday in vancouver and is planning on visiting her soon. but i have no way to contact her to let her know that bridgette is reaching the end very quickly and we are reaching a critical stage. what will be will be, some things proceed in their own way.

sissy really is the only one left who i consider quite distressed with kennel cough, lexie is still hacking a fair bit but not as much as she was. but sissy man, she is almost non she is the last to start and has just started her meds, it will take a day or two yet for sissy to feel better. i might give her some codiene to break the coughing can be self perpetuating...the more she coughs, the more she irritates the tissues and the more she coughs again. that was the vicious circle we got trapped in with peter a few years ago when this swept thru here before.

i am not feeling so great myself today. i have been fighting something for the past few days. i think the combo of whatever virus is after me, the stress of so many sick animals and my very poor and interrupted recent sleep patterns is close to doing me in now too. i think i better do something quick (like rest) before i crap out on everyone here....that would not be good.

so today from the house at croup corner.. some of us just don't feel all that good.


Chris T

January sucks Carol. Most everyone I know is struggling. The difficulties posed by the weather don't help. Commuting is like taking your life into your hands every day. Can you plan a bed day in your little suite?


Carol - I have some cans of a/d and recovery and possible meds (ursodiol, prednisone, ventolin) if you are interested? Perhaps some valium for yourself?? I can give them to Nicole or bring out myself when all the snow has gone. Happy New Year to you from Nudge and Co