Rescue Journal

the empty room without bridgette and all of her stuff was bothering me....

Carol  ·  Jan. 8, 2009

so i put down a big quilt and a pillow in front of the couch and maude, chyna and molly all curled up on it for a sleep. not the same but it is not so barren there now.

maude's bloodwork came back. the vet says she has quite a "hot" infection. he wants to start her on a second antibiotic to make sure we cover both gram positive and negative bacteria. she goes back in for a re-check tomorrow. she is still quite ill but she wants to pretend she is not so she is already fussing and having a fit that we won't let her out for the field runs.

the vet came out for sparky's second blood test and cath'd gideon while he was here. i am sure gidoen purposely planned and made certain his bladder was empty cuz apparently he doesn't want us snooping around with his personal urine. i am not putting him thru any more sedation, he wins but only cuz he is old.

i got some bed rest today, but not enough, i still feel crappy tonight. one of the staff went home sick today fingers are crossed we are not passing this around. we can't afford to be sick, there are too many sick animals right now.

the icky doorless room looks like a room today. the plywood floor and wall insulation went in today. i think it is going to be very cute when it is done.

ok, that's all of the news and i am going back to bed.


Eva Stock

I am so sorry about our beautiful Bridgette Carol. the charts will get done and I will do stones for Kai and Bridgette tomorrow. I will take the recycle also. Eva

Eva Stock

Hope you feel better today Carol. I am keeping up with the note and I will do the recycle, bare with me as school and my outside activities are done for the week today. I will do my work at Saints tomorrow and let the kids sleep in. Eva


Carol, I've been reading your blog daily since my classmate, Alexis and her foundation rescued Bridgette from the pound in LAX. I'm not sure if she's who your trying to reach, but her email address is and I know she's from B.C.
I love what you do for animals and I'm Soooo sorry to hear about Brigette.