Rescue Journal

sick days suck

Carol  ·  Jan. 9, 2009

i am running a temp. hacking my lungs out and generally feel like shit. we had a sick call today so i sent renee out to struggle with the wheelbarrows cuz that i know would kill me and am just dinking around doing basics in the house. i just have the 2 dogs rooms left and then i can crash and burn.

too many freaking cats trying to get in here. we are taking an owner surrender high special needs from toronto and i just told carrie to ok a chronic peeing 8 yr old cat up for euth. from one of the AC shelters. i think we are still getting a diabetic from vokra...but nicole what is happening with him anyway???? and monkey is still on the admission list if she actually ever shows up.

we probably will take two more desperate death row dogs from california since kai and bridgette have passed on. and then i am going to kill myself because quite honestly today it sounds like more fun.

cleo seriously TRASHED the new not-icky doorless room and the lino in the MP room..she ate thru a wall, pulled out the insulation, ripped out some of the wiring and pee'd and pooped all over the new plywood floor....hmmmm. i guess she was pretty upset about something.

i am hiding out from steve til he forgets that one of my dogs just messed up his nice work. so being stuck in the house sick as a dog is working to my advantage today.

i got carrie to take maude for her vet re-check, i feel too crappy to drive into town. and she brought me a new old tv over from the shop because the pissing fruitloops finally irrevocably murdered my little flat screen that i gave to the back room cats when i got my new hang on the wall away from the bastard orange spraying cats model. that little old zenith is simply a solid gold jewel of a tv.

ok...last leg and then we are done.