Rescue Journal

saints welcomes maxine

Carol  ·  Jan. 10, 2009

she is an 8 yr old, 22 pound, torte and white cat with litter box issues. just looking at her, i know exactly what one of her issues are...she is too big to keep her butt inside the box. seems like a nice girl and i will find her a box to suit her extra large size.

i don't want to seem like a whiney, never satisfied complainer, but let's face it i am...i cannot stand that absolute gross freaking mess out by the barn. the snow is melting, the wet slippery ice is out and out dangerous, and all of the fallen shavings, hay and bits of stuff are congealing with a ton and a half of liquid, half buried by snow, manure. it is disgusting. clean up is going to be nasty but i will see our clean gravel roads and paths and paddocks and loafing sheds again and before to very long too.

i don't do well with disgusting anything and that includes our barn. i am so sick of the weather conspiring in any way it can to just make life miserable up here...i am coming up with a freaking plan to win my nice and tidy place back again and i am not waiting til spring either.
remind me next year to prepare for winter at the end of pole shavings in the riding ring, new gravel on all of the roads and a plow for our little tractor so it is already to go. and i want eaves troughing on all of the outside buildings to cut down on the pouring melt off which just slops up everything even more.

other than my freak out at the barnyard mess.... it was a good day today, lots of great help up here. the dogs are fighting off their kennel cough now and everyone is finally on the mend....including me.

my one funny for the day...pat the cat sitting on the second shelf by the cat/little dog room door, cheerfully taking whacks at every dog tail or head that came within his range. he really seemed to be enjoying himself and the door was wide open so he had lots of opportunity. he actually is a very fine cat, good sense of humour and a self determining ability to amuse himself quietly.

phoebe should take note and maybe learn something from him.



What's Phebes been up to now? She does like to be in the middle of things and be included in everything.


Wow! 22 pounds! That beats Nudge (currently weighing in at 16 pounds - she was 18 when she left yours) There are 3 extra large litterboxes here for larger bottoms (except Jenny Two - who has the tiniest bum in a cat I've ever seen). Looking forward to meeting Maxine next time I come out there. She sounds like my kind of cat.
PS Did Nicole ever post the photo of Nudge on Santas knee?