Rescue Journal

i am guessing today might not be one of my better days.

Carol  ·  Jan. 12, 2009

i woke up at 5 am with a back spasm...might have been shovelling and wheelbarrowing a ton of heavy, wet crap thru the snow...or it might have been being held immobile for hours by the bed suction cup gang...who knows. what really sucks is i stayed up til after midnight watching "catwoman" (now there is a really crazy cat lady,) cuz i am working afternoon shift and thought i could sleep in a bit today. oh well, i have several hours to get the kinks out before i head off to work.

it also does not help that i can't go back to bed now that the spasm is point. al is softly woofing and growling at a stranger he can see from my window and he now has the little dogs woofing and growling at whatever al is on edge about....this would be carl, peering over the fence in the dark and the mist across the backyard and directly into my window and directly in al's line of view from the comfort of my bed. he is outlined by white all around him, the snow and the fog. ok... so he looks a bit spooky and other-worldly out there. he is looking right at the house because he can hear the beginnings of a commotion from inside my room and he is wondering what the heck is going on in there so early in the day. well unbeknownst to carl but sadly knownst to me...he is what is going on in is his spooky dark mist shrouded curious peering which is upsetting the dear but dumb doornobs within.

and since i can't sleep cuz they are on guard and my back hurts anyway...there is always the night time mess to clean up an hour or two early i guess.

another day dawning at saints, hmmmmm...already it is not looking like it will be a very good one if you ask me.



Do you ever see a chiropractor? Mine has eliminted the back spasms I used to have.