Rescue Journal

lady luck

Carol  ·  Jan. 17, 2009

i fell asleep watching a movie last night which was a good thing cuz the dogs woke me up an hour early barking at zues and wolfie. i put them in the shop, gave them food and water, turned on the heat and told them to be good.

i will phone their dad to come get them early cuz TG arrives from up north today with their adopted dogs and will need the shop for a couple of days while the new families come to meet their new friends.

chyna made it back to the main house, the fireplace got turned down yesterday and it was COLD in there last night...according to her, she was SUFFERING and it takes awhile for the room to heat up so i took pity. she flew back in here like she had just returned from being banished...which she was. but she was bandished to leather couches and nice dog beds so it really wasn't as bad as she said....anyway, good luck to me in booting her back out....she says she is not leaving this side of the house, ever again.

freaking dogs.

i kept having this "lucky" dream last night...not lucky in the sense of what is coming, but lucky in terms of everything before. and it was reaching the point in the dream where i was feeling almost guilty because everyone thought we had too much luck and more than our fair share.

this morning i am pissed off at myself for dreaming that crap...any luck we have had has been because of not only our hard work, but also because of our dedicated committment to move forward. we do embrace opportunity and possibility, we don't have locked mental when "lady luck" knocks, one of us is there to invite her in.

zoe, friends and co, are coming today to do a human photo fashion shoot with some of our animals as part of the set up...the plan is to flog it to the fashion pages...if it pans out and goes as planned....good for the photograher, good for the designer, good for the retailers, good exposure for the crippled crew. if it doesn't...who cares?...the animals will have alot of fun (percy LOVES cameras), the humans will have a good day hanging out with our sometimes funny and always very sweet and somewhat cooperative is the somewhat cooperative that usually makes them so funny...will ellie tear off and run across the field with her new very special fashion sleeve of some unique designer piece?

too bad i have to work today.

have fun everyone, try to be good and i will be home at lunch time to hear whatever stories you all have to tell.

zoe, watch that very fast and lucky princess pig....she is always on the look out to assist in a pigs eye view of the interesting and provocative fashion industry.


Eva Stock

Amen to Hannah getting a break coming to Saints and on the the Hotel. Genuine princess!! Rest in peace Hannah. Hope all was wonderful in Van.

I will be there later when I take Colton to his Dad's for the pm. I will do my charting and other duties ok. See you later Eva. At about five. Photo shoot should be great with Zoe today as the sun is shining too.