Rescue Journal

less worried and upset today.

Carol  ·  Jan. 18, 2009

apparently even suction cups in a snit, still stick. but they stick more irritably whenever i tried to move. i do not believe i got even a single kiss from any of the grumbly crew....that's unusual.

i think 4lane is more comfortable, i will give him his meds and a bite to eat before i leave in a few minutes. the early shift wouldn't suck as much if i actually remembered i get off at 4 and not 5.

the accidents are mopped up, house bowls are all done and i will do the mp building animal's bowls while i am warming up my worked out one of a new good and responsible habit is ok.

gotta go....and today i have got to remember apples for the barn...last night was their 3rd dinner in a row without an apple...they say that's just WRONG!