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Saints Valentine's at Barking Babies

Nicole  ·  Jan. 18, 2009

Once again the wonderful people at Barking Babies are helping us out.


barking babiesâ„¢ is holding a fundraiser Saint Valentine's, to be held February 13th, 2009, at their boutique from 6-8pm.

Tickets for our Saint Valentine's event are $25.00 purchased in advance, available in limited quantities only at the store. For more information and to purchase tickets, call 604.647.2275.
Join us to raise much needed money for SAINTS with great fun such as:
- silent auction
- professional valentine pet photography
- puppy massage
- door prizes
- sneak peak at what's new for spring
- "petits-fours" for dogs, and champagne and strawberries for people

Barking Babies is located in downtown Vancouver at 1188 Homer Street



Carley is trucking along, her lung cancer hasn't seemed to progress clinically, but i'm not re-xraying her until next month. she also seems to be in the middle of chronic renal failure, but isn't too bothered by either illness, with the exception that she is spending more time on the couch. i'll post some photos of her tonight when i get home.


I will make a point to go to this....and bring my son and daughter in law. They will enjoy it. is Carley, Nicole? Could you share some photos? Her face reminds me of a Pitty I had years ago, Sasha.

*sigh* Such people dogs the Pitts are. Love 'em.


i believe zoe and i will both be there. although neither of us have bought any tickets, but hopefully that will be remedied in the near future.
i think i'll bring my only well-behaved dog (that's sandy, for those that wouldn't automatically rule out wes and carley).