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so what does a senior animal sanctuary need a.....

Carol  ·  Jan. 19, 2009

55 inch tv for?

animal dates.

yup...a donated 55 inch used sony tv arrived this weekend (thx laura and lana for facilitating this!)

and we now have a new animal enrichment the entire MP room with big screen movie opportunities (my contribution today was a new DVD player) and share a few hours of special one on one, or two on two, or one on ten with our beloved saints.

cuddle up on the couch, or the big stuffy red chair(we will provide the popcorn and dog cookies or temptations treats for the cats, and the movies...or bring your own) with your favorite canine or felv feline saint and share some quiet, peaceful time watching a movie.

the room when booked is off limits to all traffic, intrusions and interruptions...we can access the medical room from the bunny area or the office from the new little porch....lock the door, order a pizza delivered if you want and shut out the world and just enjoy yourselves....encouraging the human and animal bond.

i love that MP many wonderful possibilities and this is one of the best.

the room is available for booking for animal dates from 2 pm-5pm and from 6 pm-9pm, 7 days a week...(i do need an hour window between 5-6 to settle the rest of those guys to bed.)

just think of watching a movie for 2 whole wonderful hours with the rock or mama T curled up on your chest...can't you just feel how much they would love that? or share the couch with star wrapped over your legs...a blissful interlude for them from the constant activity and having to share around here.

this is one of my very best ideas yet...i just tried it out with frodo to get his approval for the new program and he says a resounding YES!...(altho he thinks he might not be happy getting sent to the office on someone else's date)

ok...who wants to sign up to date one of the saints? can even chose a blind date once in awhile and i will chose someone who needs some special time.

oh...and the program needs it's own special name....MAD? movie animal dates? ARE? animal relaxation enrichment? HAB? human animal bonding? HAPPY HOUR?...ideas please.



Hmm.. what sort of films? wild kingdom? the best of National Geographic? Cooking with Catnip? could this be the start of a new match making service? maybe these dates will lead to potential homes? new variation on pre adoption bonding? what ever the outcome, I'm sure the children will greatly appreciate the cuddle time. :)


pick your day and time and i will choose your preference? or choose when you get here?


I'd like to sign up for this. If I may?

Either Canine or Feline companion (or both ) company is fine with me....I just like a warm blooded body to comment on the movie select which animal needs my chatty self!

A movie a month sounds good.


hmmm, er, cable in there, hockey..i barely found an extension cord long enough to reach the plug....sorry, we ain't that great. too bad tho, we could have had a fundraiser by selling tickets for animal dates to the olympics via our giant TV screen!


Hey, I can even watch the hockey games on the BIG screen and turn all the crippled crew into fans!!


OOPS....... the way I set it up did not work once I sent it. GOOD HABITS stands for Give Out One Date -
Human Animal Bonding In Theatre Saints.


Awesome idea Carol!! I'm so exicted about all my future dates. This one on one time is so needed and will be very loved by all the Saints. How about this name for our new program G O O D H A B I T S
i u n a u n o n h a
v t e t m i n e i
e e a m d a n
n a i t t
l n r s
g e