Rescue Journal

i am a bit slow

Carol  ·  Jan. 23, 2009

star and este had the first official movie night with nicole last evening. i did have to sneak in once to place bella's body in the freezer and the movie was initially delayed for a bit while nicole helped me with bella but the dogs were ok with this.

nicole had pulled up the couch so it and the chair/footstool formed an "L" and all three were stretched out comfortably yet still within touching each other...they all looked pretty content. i should make an "L" shaped bed in my room, maybe there would then be more space for me.

what was really interesting to me tho was when the movie was done and nicole went home (i could see from the kitchen window sink, thru the dog room windows)....este walked into the dog room, climbed up on the couch and went to sleep. she didn't wander in and out trying to catch sight of me in the kitchen window, she didn't fart around dumping out the dog food was this because it was her bedtime, and she missed the farting around part of her night because she was at the movies? or was it because she felt content and relaxed and was ready to go to sleep?

star also came straight in and hit the middle of my bed but was that cuz i was heading there soon too?

i think i am going to like watching them all when they return from their dates just to see how they feel.

lane just called, he is sad about bella's passing. he said she was breathing ok yesterday but did come up to him looking for pets which was a bit unusual for her. you know, you start to put things together after the fact..lane told me one day earlier in the week that he heard bella coughing and when i checked her on my lunch break, she seemed ok. so i thought maybe the shavings irritated her or she was coming down with snuffles. and tammy told me last weekend that there wasn't much pee in their pen...i didn't add it up together and start thinking kidney or heart failure like i should, esp. if i had taken in to consideration her age...but there you go...brain dead til it was staring me in the freaking face.

i know these guys here are old...but they don't seem old til one day they suddenly get old....their aging always sneaks up on me.


Chris T

I could set up a google calendar and give everyone access online. Then you could look on your computer and book a time when it strikes you.


Holy Smokes I almost forgot my other great idea.... Nicole is there a way we can put some sort of a scheduler up on the site to book the MP room ? something easy to access & use ? that way we can look to see if it's book... book what we want & no one has to be bothering Carol to see if it is already booked ... man i am getting Brilliant in my old age.


Lol... Yes carol you never age them... i had an idea the other day about how we could keep track . when a new animal comes in we list the intact info ( age & month year they arrived )after there name like say... Gideon it would be

Gideon 290605 ( 29 Y.O.arrived June of 2005 ) not sure if that info is correct... cuz I have to guess, but I wouldn't have to if we adopted this system.

Pretty smart eh !