Rescue Journal

sparky is still with us

Carol  ·  Jan. 23, 2009

her temp is down a bit, her belly is still hard and her bowel is still tight and displaced. she is uncomfortable but not in agony, she still won't eat or the vet said if the bowel is only displaced it might go back into position, if it is twisted, it won't and it will only get worse as the morning drugs begin to wear off. he thinks with the fever that it is twisted, but he is not 100% sure and he wants to make sure he is sure before we decide anything permanent for her.
i am to watch her carefully between now and 9 pm and then give her some more pain meds. i will check on her thru out the night and the vet gave me his home number so i can reach him quickly in a crises.

and so, we wait and see where sparkles can go from here. it will be a long and worrisome night.

i am working early shift tomorrow so i am leaving here at 630 am if sparky is doing ok. mo will be here around 8 am and if folks can check on her esp. in the afternoon before i get home and after mo leaves, i would really appreciate this. Agwest Vet Group's phone number is on the wall in the medical room behind the door on the erasable calendar...and my cell is 604-339-5144 if anyone needs me.