Rescue Journal

updates tonight should be called, down-dates

Carol  ·  Jan. 23, 2009

laura and lana brought me a sub for dinner (thank you!)...we checked sparky at 730...ok and again at 9..hmmm, not sure, her breathing is ok, but her belly is still rock hard and bloated and i can hear a ton of gas in there not coming out. she was down when we went into the barn, but she did get up reluctantly after i had asked and nudged her several times.

she has had her 9 pm meds and we are still in holding pattern, waiting and seeing.

laura and lana went home, i came in the house...oh yay, star was throwing up everywhere again and licking the freaking floor. WTF?????

i shoved a couple of reglans down her, which she has vomitted up so i tried again and i am out of the injectible reglan so if she doesn't stop soon, means a trip into emergency.

so my questions tonight are... why the hell have we not put an observation camera in the barn? and why the hell did i not get more injectible reglan just in case because i cannot afford the time away from sparkles tonight to take a puking/psycho licking boxer into emergency. and finally...if star was going to be puking her guts out again...why could she have not started this morning when she was already AT the vets getting xrays?????

rescue (and puking boxers) freaking sucks.



just in from work so me and zoe will be out later tomorrow, around noon or so and we will stay until you get home.


Call Lana's cell "ANYTIME" if you and the animals need help! We can be there quick.


The barn camera idea works well!...Too well Carol!!!! I waste a lot of time with "WTF ARE THEY DOING NOW!"
A lot of stuff I wished I never saw like snuggled up rodents I never even knew existed but are apparently night time sheep buddies needing a drink & a snack lol.

I have a system with audio and in the house I have a small TV/VCR combo that tapes the goings-on (as long as I remember to turn it on) When there is a medical issue going on I can honestly say it saves me SO MUCH time running to the barn to "See". It's way too practical in the middle of the night and you are worried/can't sleep.