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in the whole entire world.....

Carol  ·  Jan. 24, 2009

cathy, eva, nicole, zoe and i all went out to dinner to the springs to celebrate sparky's return to wellness. mo said the vet said, he had never had one so bad said, "hey man, this is saints"...i think it was all that begging and praying going on for her....someone had to feel that! her appetite is back and she was eagerly eating her apples and dinner as we left the barn tonight...yay sparkles, the best-est my little pony in the whole entire world!!!!!

diablo is home and trucking around like he never had a front leg in the first place. everyone in the clinic is totally in love with him cuz he is the nicest and friendliest cat in the whole entire world!

apollo is here, he is the brittle diabetic from vokra...he is a very nice cat too except he gets owly over food. he was snarling away as he stuffed his face with dinner...i like new cats with really good appetites! he would be the hungriest cat in the whole entire world.

nicole dressed poor squirt up in a baby blue bunny jumper set (thank you barking babies)...she promised to post a photo and that would make squirt....the freaking cutest dog in a bunny suit in the whole entire world!

cuddles is nicely dressed in a commando style jacket (thank you again barking babies).....he looks pretty damn cool...that would make him the very best dressed poodle in the whole entire world.

and percy..who is all out of sorts because everyone, human and equine was so worried about sparky...really has been needing alot of reassurence and affection these past couple of days...he is such a big and sensitive baby and has been stuck like velcro to spritely looking for some loving. this would make him the entire world's most love sick steer.

he is freaking cute too.

saints was well covered by the volunteers today because they are the absolute best in the whole entire world!

all is well at saints has gone to nicole's for a few days because her vet tech class needs to borrow her (with some injectible reglan just in case)...and 2 of the kittens...colby and stella have been adopted today too. their new homes are more than willing to continue on with the last of their anti-fungal treatment...yay babes!!!!!

it was a VERY good day today and i am VERY tired.



once his blood sugars are stabilized he should stop being such a grouch around food...i hope. he is fine with his litter issues...and he is a BEAUTIFUL guy.
how old is he karen?...i have 4 or 10 in my head.

karen duncan

yipes...hope Apollo is settling re food. i could not figure how it will work if he is in room with other cats and endless food. he may just blow up. very curious to hear if he uses the box all the time once he is settled. Gorgeous guy, huh??
with many many thanks. karen


Do you need a camera & cc monitor for the barn? I think I still have one from doing foal watch a few years ago; it has 300ft of cable connecting the camera to the tv monitor. Let me know, my email is