Rescue Journal

and todays crises is....

Carol  ·  Jan. 25, 2009

death is not just a frequent visitor here...he has his very own door right thru all of our hearts that he just leaves open in case someone decides they are ready.

the crises this morning was spritely....her leg again. the vet has come and gone and yet again, we wait and see.

if i were to add everything up for the first 25 days of this year...spritely's leg, sparkle's gut, spot's foot rot, winter's eye loss, diablo's leg loss, star's puking, maude's pneumonia, 4lane's whatever is wrong with him, dealing with al's hematoma, chyna's obstruction, the not-so joyous kennel cough which hit about 15 of our guys (by the way, it is finally done), the ringworm treatments, and kai's and bridgette's and bella's deaths..... plus the snow and ice and frozen pipes, the broken washer, and whatever other disasters we have had....AND just the normal and usual hubba-baloo that goes along with more than 100 sick and crippled animals all living in the very same has already been a pretty freaking full 25 day long year.

no wonder i am tired.


Eva Stock

That is really cool Nicole that they are all managing. Wow what a scare too. Eva


no puking from star so far! although while on our walk tonight i almost puked when she slipped her collar right near a busy road. Thankfully she was wearing a coat which i grabbed and then significantly tightened her collar. will be getting a martingale asap!
ps wes and carley think she is an annoying younger sister, but are dealing really well with her ocassional lack of manners.