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Carol  ·  Jan. 26, 2009

by the weekend i will have a calendar posted in the MP room by the desk that volunteers can sign up on and see if we are short on the weekend days. i will write my name in on the days that i am here and leave blank the days that i won't be here because i am at work. that way we will all know if i need to make special arrangements to cover the saints care.

randy has started framing in the medical pens in the medical room. these will be used as temporary areas for new incoming or animals like diablo, recovering/rehab'ing from major surgeries. they can also be holding pens for when our vets are here doing medical rounds. there will be three pens and they are fairly large, about 6X7 and floor to ceiling in height, so lots of room to move around and even to have visitors while they are confined.

the office stuff has been moved into the new we have to set up and organize...that ought to be fun. i bought a 36 picture frame today and printed off a bunch of black and white pictures from our photo galleries. once put together it ought to look really sharp on the wall in the office.

we are almost finished all of the reno's...just the medical room, the shop dog shower area, and closing in the back of the new loafing shed, a few odds and ends maintenance things and after three continuous years, finally, the on and off construction around here ends (at least for a little while, til we have raised the money to re-fence the bottom field.) saints has almost become what i saw when i bought the place....with a whole bunch of revisions! will i occupy my brain with no more projects to plan?????...but there is still one more cat run i have been thinking on, the gravel paths to cut down on the high traffic mud paths and...steve wants us to eventually build a new hay shed/feed room, which we do really who knows, if some money comes maybe one day i can be planning those projects again too.

i admit it...i like planning these things.

sparky is ok, spritely is ok, spot is ok but all of them are being carefully watched.

winter, diablo and apollo are doing well and all want out of their cages. they are currently stuck in a darkish corner while the reno's are done in the medical room.

right in the middle of the sparky crises, my daughter lindsey, announced that she and cam are engaged. i was too worried about stuff around here to really celebrate too much right today i stopped by her place after work to admire her ring. she is maybe thinking about having the ceremony in the memorial garden...depends on if i can come up with a solution to keep the dogs quiet for awhile. that alone ought to occupy my brain, finding a quiet and safe solution for nosey, spoiled and noisy dogs!

worrisome news today...bella (aka pugsly) is once again having a difficult time. she is having trouble with her liver again, her mom is quite worried but on top of it all. feel better soon pugletta, we all really love you.

and i don't know if you have heard about the outbreak of avian flu in abbotsford. i was running a different shelter during the last one and we were pretty panicked about keeping our birds from being came really close and thank god the newspapers were interested in running the story...sadly the price of this was a HUGE front page color photo of yours truly as the crazed chicken crusader holding up a terrified bird, (an even better photo nicole than that of me with a parasol!)...all of my clients had that freaking thing posted on their took forever to live that down.

sooo...i am currently planning how to protect our guys if this spreads out of abbotsford again because THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THAT THOSE FREAKING CFIA CHICKEN KILLING BASTARDS ARE GETTING ANYWHERE NEAR OUR SAINTED AND HEALTHY BIRDS.

last time around, i might as well have been banging my head against the wall...the CFIA will not negotiate, they will not problem solve, they will not think outside of their mass murdering chicken you can't test them, and if negative, move them inside, isolate them completely in closed cages until the threat is gone... kill first, then test (oh well if they were negative) and you will be compensated financially for the loss of your birds.

screw that.

last year i was buying some baby duck feeders from one of the feed stores and they wanted my name and address. i had been signing the CFIA feed sheets because the staff told me they were only used for re-calling contaminated feed.

i asked why they would need my name for plastic feeders and they fed me the same lie...excuse me...but....feeders are not grain, they are plastic and suddenly i figured it out...the CFIA wants names and addresses for anyone with barn yard birds in the valley in case they need to nuke 15 million more.

a couple of things about the last outbreak that has escaped the government officials...A. it was the CFIA inspectors themselves spreading the flu from farm to farm and B...people with beloved pet flocks were hiding their birds and sending them out of the valley which increased the risk of spread even further..... simply because the chicken murdering nazi's would NOT problem solve with them on how to keep their beloved pets safe and flu-free. you can see, any hint of avian flu, brings back out the crazy chicken crusader...but honestly....can you imagine me letting them break floyd's or olga's neck right in front of me when they are healthy and flu-free??????

not bloody likely.



If you need a great picture for the new office let me know. I have several fantastic shots of a lovely dog named Phoebe.
Did I mention they are available in any size?


Not bloody likely indeed. The media is always interested in stories like this.