Rescue Journal

we got lots done

Carol  ·  Jan. 29, 2009

we had a sick call so we really had to kick ass to cover the basics before the students arrived at 9 am....we got it mostly all done. and then...the afternoon was pretty free. so we went out for lunch, painted the window frames and laid the lino in the med room holding pens. i wanted bigger pieces that fit, but budget constraints meant we cut, and taped and seam sealed, but hey, it works. i would still like to get that room painted but for now the cats can move in out of cages and recover from their surgeries in more spacious surroundings.

sparkles diarrhea is horrible from the abx's... that pony needs a freaking bath, thank goodness tomorrow is the last day of the meds...maybe we can get her cleaned up again soon.

spritely is doing is still really sore. i am starting to worry about her...i need to get the cow foot guy and the ferriers out...will try to call tomorrow.

i think the students enjoyed themselves...the animals sure did. i enjoyed having them...i like students...they are very keen.

o'grady is not weathering the loss of bella very well, and he is quite elderly too. he is not eating much except a few bits of apple, his respirations are getting rapid so we started him on antibiotics today and will just have to keep our fingers crossed that he can make it thru this.

the home vet rounds...with exams, bloodwork and meds was about $700...we still have eddy's surgery next week and mosley's xray. the account is getting really low, the vet bills are getting really high...this will be the start of my annual new year ulcer/chest pain/ freak out period til money starts coming in again...i really hate this time of the year.... feast or famine, belt tightening begins.....but hey, we got a ton of really good stuff done in this last year so i won't complain too much, so much better for the animals than it was.



Thank you for having all of us out there yesterday and today. I hope Mr. O'Grady feels better. My snuggle with Frodo was magical :) And I will let you know about the babies ;)