Rescue Journal

morning has la la la la la la....

Carol  ·  Jan. 31, 2009

i have the knife in the eye, 2x4 in the neck thing going on this am. i heard on the radio last week that 35% of all migraine sufferers were also suffering from mental illness. oh yay, i already have the animal rescue stigma, bra's freak me out, (both of which i could do something about if i make myself be normal) but the migraines which i have legitimately inherited from my mother are apparently scientifically proven to be the freaking nails in my crazy coffin. the animals and the bra thing... (i grew up in the love fest of the 60's and 70's...and i chose to be loving animals instead of other hippies while burning freaking bras and eating happy brownies)... could possibly be perceived as be an odd personal choice but still, sort of ok (given the cultural influence during my formative years and too many sweets) ...but the migraines i am stuck with til i finish menopause.

sucks to be nuts.

daphne, one of the long term foster dogs is back for a reassessment. the little utterly blonde, ditzy but sweet, happy cocker is one of my all time favorite sunshine dogs..."a glow worm is never glum cuz the sun shines out my bum"....geez, i forgot what a happy, sweet little thing she is and how much i used to love her....ahhh yes, i remember now. her mom dressed her in a pink, fleecy sweater so she looks like a happy little granny in her baggy sleep over pajamas. just looking at her makes me melt...and when i touch her i get all warm and sappy...the daffy duck dog loves it and sucks it up like a sponge.

i got all of the linens thru last night, but not the big beds (there is at least four loads of them) so i will leave them til tonight and just get thru today's laundry this morning instead.

AND...i better go check the diabetics, feed and poke them before i do anything else.

and so it begins again, the crazy bra-less rescue person starts a brand new day humming cat stevens (with a headache.)...what fun.



carol, i have a "BLOND" cocker too! and she is so happy all the time! that wiggle bum never stops even when she is sleeping/dreaming you can see her tail go too.I get envious sometimes that one can be so "happy-go-lucky" all the time. At 11 yrs old she still has us running around after her like she was a puppy(she can get into alot of trouble all on her own)with out the help of my 12yr old cockerpoo(he's a saint...cause he's mine,wink wink)