Rescue Journal

ur-in trouble

Carol  ·  Feb. 1, 2009

the new cleo 2...(carol's bad and selfish mistake) will now be called "izzy" (courtesy of mo) an unclaimed stray, she was named by the pound and didn't answer to cleo yet anyhow.

she slept pushed tight up against me, prickly hard like clyde used to be. but instead of snarling in her sleep against my juglar vein, she licked my chin frequently instead....sigh, what was i thinking? she is not clyde and never will be... she is izzy, a very sweet and safe little dog. amazing how stupid i can sometimes be. she will make someone (cat-free) a very great companion and at only 5 yrs old and fully house trained, should be an easy to place.

i told mo yesterday...somehow i needed her to be clyde's happy said bullshit, you are just justifying what you knows me too well, she is right.

there was an absolute poop and pee fest going on around here last night..i got the kitchen and small dog/cat room cleaned up but i just walked out and left my bedroom til i have finished my cup of tea. going back in there will be YUCK.

that new CAC diabetic dusty is still in the poly-urine part of uncontrolled diabetes....she is making more laundry than anyone ever has before in the history of saints. i will have to switch everything around for her and get her onto a karunda bed cuz even i can't keep up with the saturated quilts and blankets she is providing...she needs her insulin dose increased. i will book her in for a glucose curve at the end of this week. there is no way trina will find another rescue or foster for her til she is under better control and while her kidneys are going urine producing insane.

and i guess i better go clean up the mess in my bedroom so i can get dressed and get down to caring for the freaking leaky real and temporary saints.



Bizzy Izzy is a sweetheart!! Probably 2/3 Jagdterrier and 1/3 Jack Russel (she looks like a petite, sane Clyde with long slender legs). She is an amazing little energizer terrier, she would make an awesome agility dog.

I'm glad you took her from CAC, regardless of your reasons for doing so, Carol. It leaves another space for Trina to try to do something with nothing, and Izzy has all the stimulation she can handle.

I wish she could come here, but this is a dog who will find a great family, and until then, she appears to be having the time of her life.


honesty, trina would have found a good place for that dog eventually, she was just glad to have her out of a kennel so another could come in.

Chris T

I agree with Sheryl. Izzy is going to land in a soft place because you pulled her. It is never wrong to help a dog.


Your heart told you to pull Izzy from the pound. Following your heart is never a mistake. And Izzy is sure glad you did.