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Nicole  ·  Feb. 3, 2009





didn't you see the movie deb? (sadly, i have seen just about every dog movie ever made)
fluke was a man re-born as a dog to protect and save his human family. he was brave, loyal, unselfish and true...fluke was a hero.


Oh my God,Fluke is beautiful!

I guess you can look at the fact you can "only" save 2 of 400 + dogs (it is to weep)that are scheduled to die today or tomorrow or next Thursday. To you, huge, soft-hearted, moral Carol, it's too little, but to Fluke and Stoney, it is literally everything!

As for new dogs being admitted to SAINTS and eating the food, needing the sometimes very expensive medical care and drugs, so what? From the SAINT trailer days, animals come and go, and the SAINTS absorbs them into the Sanctuary. Animals have shared, with very few difficulties. It's human ego, opinion and, need to push their visions on others that makes senior rescue a clusterfuck.

To you, those two dogs are "just" a very small drop in a huge and terrifying bucket. To them, you may be a saviour.

The name "Fluke" sounds to me like an unwanted, unexpected dog.Not good enough for a SAINT. Could we change his name to **Mookie**? For Mookie Wilson (Boston Red Sox), my second favourite baseball player of all time. Kirby Pucket(Minnesota Twins) was number one