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carol in rescue-land

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2009

i went back to bed for an hour and snuggled in with my warm bed buddies for a really early morning nap...and i had a dream.

i was somewhere where a group of young kids brought me these great letters they wrote...i felt my eyes well up with tears as i got ready to read them...except they wrote them in pencil and i did not have my glasses so i asked one of the boys to read them to me and then realized he was dyslexic and i had just done a mean thing.

then i was in a fancy board room with lots of women in nice clothes and shiny pointy shoes and star who was apparently dying, climbed up on my lap and as i listened with my stethescope to her heart beat fail, she started to suckle on my cheek.

so i put my dead dog into my full laundry basket and pulled her behind my bike that i was riding down these steep, dark, narrow, crowded, stairs trying to find a way home and stay out of other folks way. i stopped at a hallway door bank to get some cash but my bank card wasn't with me and the vacuum hose that was attached behind me started leaking dirt all over the floor. i was really embarrassed and asked for a broom to clean it up and one nice lady said, oh hey, i read your blog every day and another lady said really sincerely, i really like your boot. i look down and i have one really cool boot on and one ugly wrecked slipper, oh yay.... then my real life intruded and the bed buddies started barking so i got to wake up.

saved by the saints...weird dream eh?



[Quote Carol]" so maybe i am not so very crazy! "

I'm pretty much an authority on CrAzY.......YUP!!!You Are So Very CrAzY......But thats what I like about you :) :)


sadly i don't take meds...i am even off the arthrotec cuz of my blood pressure but i did have a swiss cheese sandwich for lunch so maybe i am not so very crazy!


Did you eat cheese late in evening the night before? sometimes that gives you weird dreams either that or you need to cut back on your meds!!


Lol... whatever it is that you are taking... are you willing to share : - O