Rescue Journal

tikki passed away at noon today

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2009

he started seizuring late this morning and i rushed him into the clinic. sue said it was the end of his battle with FeLV. he peacefully died while purring his trust in me. rest in peace tikki, we love you.


Eva Stock

So sorry about Tiki, Carol. Will be down sometime tomorrow to do the charts. Have been extremely busy, next week things should lighten up!! Eva What a sweet cat. Rest in peace little one.


And one by one they go. God bless you little guy. You were loved by many.

Thank you Saints for giving Tiki, and of course the others,a soft place to land and love to go with it! They didn't deserve what they got in the desert but you have msde up for lots of it.

Rest in Peace Tiki.