Rescue Journal

todays vet report

Carol  ·  Feb. 4, 2009

i just talked to colleen and dusty's blood sugars with my stupid mistake have dropped to a whole 22...ok so i wasn't even close to killing her cuz they are still 12 points too high. colleen has upped her insulin and then tomorrow she will up her again if her blood sugars are still too high. colleen said i probably did her a favor and maybe because of my mistake we will get her soon under control.

it is a nice try for a feel better story but...if she had not been so high, and if i didn't immediately realize what i had just done...i could have killed her and i ain't forgetting that for one single second.

monkey is still pretty sick, but she is better today. she will remain in the clinic on IV's overnight again and then we will see how she is.

when i was in at eastridge with tikki, i took a minute to have a peek at skye. she is still out flat but sarah said she is marginally better today and upped her survival chance to about 60%. she is pretty sure that there may be permanent damage to her GI tract but hope floats til it sinks so i am more worried right now that she stays alive. she is a cute little thing.

the vet is coming for a house call tomorrow to assess pat for full dental extractions...i called today and asked her to come prepared to help toby to pass because i think it is getting really close for him now.

i can still feel tikki's purr.



Sorry about your Tikki Carol :( I'm glad to hear the little Malamonster is hanging in there and monkey is a bit better.

Don't be too hard on yourself about Dusty, I only had 5 Mals here and one diabetic....I nearly gave her a double injection once while distracted. It sounds like Dusty is not too bad off...when Jazz turned diabeic then quickly ketoacidosis there were any times while trying to get her regulated that she was so high it would not even read on the glucometer :((((( I don't miss that regulation part one bit it was scary.