Rescue Journal

this time i really am going to shoot myself...

Carol  ·  Feb. 7, 2009

soooo...the little baby malapuppy is not dead...she has started to eat...tiny amounts every hour on the hour, she chewed off her IV cath twice today, and started practicing her baby malamonster song. and then she got herself kicked out of the clinic....I AM NOT READY...i wanted to sleep tonight, not hourly feed a recovering and VERY lonely and loud furry baby.

oh the woeful sounds that poor baby can wail....i am going to be a basket case trying to keep her happy and quiet.

and.....saints welcomes lucky, a portugese speaking blind senior goldie...good lord i am weak when i am tired but she really is a very lovely sweet thing. don't ask me why but dusty absolutely hates her...i guess the thought of the blind leading the blind pisses off other blind dogs. dusty is so good with everyone else but she really does not like lovely lucky.

soooo...instead of turning the MP room into the blind senior center which i thought was a brilliant idea...lucky has moved into the little dog/cat room and is actually quite comfortable in here.

the diabetic's blood sugars are still too high around here...the vet said quit giving those animals treats...notice to myself, staff, volunteers and visitors...quit giving dusty and apollo treats. (that sucks)

the ferrier is coming tomorrow morning to do the horses feet. dusty and cleo had a movie date this afternoon, and colleen (our friend, not our vet) wants to be a monthly regular...YAY!!!... and i am still waiting for zues and wolfie's owner to pick them up, they have been here since i got up this morning. will be a 24 hour day while i around the clock feed that lonely and sick wailing pup....and i can almost bet that tomorrow from lack of sleep is really going to suck.

THE GOOD NEWS IS......chyna has found her very own home. her new mom works with mo so we will hear about her frequently and i am really happy about that. congrats chyna...i knew there was the very right home out there for you.



ahhh chyna...we took her in because over the internet many in rescue were calling for her euthanization because she was suffering from her skin problems so badly. yet no one had met her. no one had seen her, no one had tried with real resolve to deal with the skin issues she had. we did save her life and we did find ways to manage her skin...but you guys gave her something even more...a full life filled with love and gave her happiness and security, the best gifts of all. thank you for loving her so well.

Robert Fraser

I am sad to let you know that Chyna passed away last Wednesday! Thank you for letting me be part of the family we miss her so much but she was loved to the end of her life! Thanks Carol you are a Saint! Regards Fraser family.


YEAH!! for Chyna (aka fuzzy potato nose) she sooo deserves it. She has turned out to be a great dog. Thanks to Carol who didn't give up on a two year old who others were ready to nuke. We fall in love with all these Saints and it's hard when they leave and we don't hear much about them after. I'm thrilled we will get frequent updates on Chyna. This is a hint for anyone out there who has adopted a and give us a quick little update on our friends..we love animal news. Carol this would be good on a night when you don't feel much like blogging.


i want to know the most important ones like...good dog!.....cookie?...outside?....i love you....and knock that off (just in case)
i took spanish in high school (....35 yrs ago, holy smoke!) can i say them with spanish pronunciation or is it different sounding cuz if it is i am screwed.

my daughter made her way thru university by teaching ESL...i wonder if she has any tips for converting lucky to english?...hmmm...we could write an ESL book for dogs!


best to come in the morning when everyone is for sure here. nicole is going to post her pic when she gets home tonight from goofing around but we have to wait til then. you are gooood caylee, way to work on the folks soft hearts...(maybe the little malapup found a home while she was in the clinic?????)


What are the chances of me coming out to visit that pup this week, and helping out with anything else while I'm there? :) My parents want to see a better picture of her than the one on my phone hehehe...


I'm giggling at Beverly.

I saw her today. I said "hello trouble". *snicker* she's absolutely, freaking adorable!!

Dusty is a sweet sweet girl. Loves head caresses. Cleo,I think, had a good time. She basically waited for her Carol to return. Tis love.

Everyone needs to movie date with a SAINT!


lol sounds good. I will get my puppy fix without having to have one of my own.


she is still contagious for parvo elaine, she will be in isolation for a couple of more weeks.

she is adorable bev...wait til nicole posts her pictures!
and i just got an update on chyna in her new home lynne...all is going really well.


I have the use of a car and was planning on coming out tomorrow so you will have an extra set of hands tomorrow.


"she chewed off her IV cath twice today,"

YOU GO GIRL! Sorry about your sleep Carol but sure glad she is well enough to start raising some hell :) hehehe.

Elaine Strozek

Carol can I manage the pup here for a few days I can feed her. what else is her needs thx Elaine