Animal Updates

only posting one photo until i get more sleep

Nicole  ·  Feb. 8, 2009

here is the very adorable Skye:


going to sleep now, will post more tomorrow afternoon.



I was going to come out this morning around 9:30am if that's ok. I was planning on spending a couple of hours with her to keep her a bit occupied, if that's ok.


now you're going to have to wait until i get home from work tonight cause wesley and carley demanded a walk so i don't have time before i leave.


she has ALREADY broken out of her pen twice today....we caught her cheerfully trucking around the medical room AND the rabbit i put a lock on her door and now she is determined to chew thru the wire....she is a busy little bee!


Had to come look AGAIN lol! I'm not tempted either :) cause I KNOW that cute little Malamonster in a few short mths will require ah...about 20 km a week biking plus several times a day walks, kongs large enough to break windows, daycare to avoid losing the rest of the lino, replacement of all the china cabinet legs, lots of "sorry looks" during obedience class for the woo-wooing, investment in a garden hose company, a yard that looks like a moon-scape and and and ...hehehe. There's good reason why I only foster OLD Malamutes :)


Oh my lord...she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

She does look like a mischievious little monkey though...after all, she is a malamonster! tee hee


OMG...I'm SO jealous of those that get to snuggle & smooch her, she is ADORABLE!!!!

:) She will be cute & adorable right up until she gets outta isolation lmao :)