Rescue Journal

first day back to work.

Carol  ·  Feb. 9, 2009

phoebe survived her disgusting mass removal surgery...she is home, doing well...not sure how i feel about this.

pat the cat had a difficult surgery today...looks like the last surgery someone did to remove problem teeth were simply amputated not pulled. so the vet today had to really put him thru the gears to get all of the left over roots taken out plus all of the rest. poor boy...i bet that really hurt. he is still in the clinic on pain control...he should be home tomorrow if all goes well. hopefully with all of the teeth and roots gone, he finally will feel much better.

winter's eye started leaking today...she has to go back in for a re-check, she might have a hematoma or a pocket of infection under there. the vets had us put her back on baytril for now til they see her on wednsday.

maude goes for her re-check too, hopefully her pneumonia is fully cured.

little parvo skye malapup is doing REALLY well.

suzie is a hag. she has her face buried in the food bowl, snarling at lucky who thinks she might want a snack. so i say to suzie..."knock that off you little glutton" she spits out her piece of kibble on the floor so she can snarl at lucky more effectively. i said..."ok, that's it...get your chubby little shark butt out of this room" and suzie with great dignity, picks up her piece of kibble and waddles out the door.

yesterday we finally found our forever ferrier, all of the horses had their feet done. she did a great job and will automatically come every 6 weeks. spot's hoof guy comes on wednsday too because she really is having alot of trouble with her foot.

carrie and i sat down when i got home tonight to discuss our dwindling funds...we just hit an all time 6 week high of $15,000 owing to our 4 different vet clinics. i think they are all ok to wait a bit longer cuz i did clear all of the vet balances 6 weeks ago and they mostly pretty much like me (or at least our animals)...i still have to pay that last week for the renos, and the electrician and for the dogs walk in shower....but i did stick the saints liability insurances on my personal credit card so at least that will help. and i still need to put stony and fluke's transport on there and my RNABC dues are due soon and i need to leave room on my credit card for carol's plastic avenue is basically closed for now too.

hmmmm...can we hold on til the pallisades fundraiser? or should i start laying off staff? what to do? what to do?..hopefully the right answer comes to me soon.
and this is not a pity post...(in an emergency, there is the GIC) it is just another reality of rescue...juggling to pay peter and paul and fred and jane without touching the safety net til donations trickle in. it makes for a lot of pepcid as my heartburn escalates into ulcers and anyone who thinks rescue is cheap and easy can just think is one freaking giant thinking headache...ouch, my head hurts too! phoebe has decided that i am not quite sucking up to her poor baby self enough...i am getting "the look"....gotta go and hold her on my lap for awhile so she thinks i love and am all concerned about her like i should.



Suzie to a T except that part about her being hanibal lecter like lmao! I think she might hate my partner as he works away one week / home one week it confuses like hell, my Mals think he is a visitor. A little gator-like guard tunneling around in my bed maybe not so cool hehehe.


looks like skye might already have her home "to ruin"....if it is a go, she won't ever need or want for anything ever again....i think their last mal lived to a ripe old age of 15.

and you are describing suzie to a perfect T.

thx for the info on canada whatever...apparently nicole knows about this and has set it one tells me much of anything about the boring details of actually running a sanctuary.


That's your account lol. Likely your treasurer knows? It's a cool site cause it issues a tax rct right away by email.

NF...WAAAAY on the young Malamonster.... The next one I adopt as a personal dog will be a wee totally tiny ancient babe that I can keep in my shirt safe from old Malamonsters and tunnel in my bed :)

There is a lady Deborah (Debbie)Terwilliger that may contact you about Skye. Nice lady...just lost her oldie Mal to cancer after doing all they could for him :( She lives in Seattle which isn't too far. If you get ppl that need screening just yell I'd be happy to try and help out.


we have a canada helps account? i did not know this!

she is a very good puppy bev...jazz would have approved...very calm, an old soul.... she likes to sit leaning against my side on the floor and ponder the world with me...i am teaching her to be a saint. i am picking her up and kissing her face and she warbles shyly as she tucks her little nose under my chin.
how tempted are you? have yet to adopt an actual saint (coho doesn't count, he was minny's)....hmmmmmm???


Can she meet Phoeobe first? lmao :)

Let me know if you need us we can certainly find the little turd a foster but I think there are several good applicants we have on file and Delia (Minnies Mals) emailed me tonight about someone that recently lost their 13 y/o old guy and looking for a puppy. I'll direct them to you and see what come of that.

Send me the invoice for her spay / vacs when she is ready and we will cover that for you. Also ck your Canada helps account cause I know there was another $300 at least there for you guys.

I can't believe how freaking cute she is :) ALMOST makes me want another puppy...I'm just not that energetic anymore lol!


soooo bevvvvv?????? what are the chances of mal rescue taking her on once she is out of danger and recovered? we will make sure she is spayed, tattoo'd and whatever vaccines she can or should have following parvo. would you guys have a foster home and be able to take her in about 4 weeks or so? i am ok with a full transfer... skye could be a malamute rescue dog, no longer a saint. i figure you folks know mals and the kinds of homes they need... my expertise stops after keeping them alive. let me know we may have a home for her but not sure and i don't want to dink around wasting super cute time with her while she is so freaking adorable and soon adoptable.
and a $500 donation came in thru paypal yesterday from the malamutt folks...thx so much, you solidly rock!!!!


Hopefully I bugged enough Mal people to help put a bit of a dent in Skyes treatment costs. There should be funds arriving thru your Canada Helps & Paypal cause I have been sending those while picking pockets lol :)

Can't wait to hear when little Malamonster finally gets out of iso and meets PHOEBE lmao!


Okay I think Phoebe has been attacked enough. That sweet little girl went under the knife yesterday, she was scared. She needs alot of TLC and treats. Maybe some McDonald's this week will help her pull through.
Give her a hug for me.


will do those now. i had many things on my to do list. didn't get them all done. (never called mj, is she in tomorrow?)


oops...he cornered tang and was moving in for the kill. now why do i suspect he was going to launch himself on top and lose that disadvantage of a missing limb? maybe he is not so stupid, maybe i am kind of dim...just in case it is me....i stuck him back in his cage.
i guess i will go and find suzie and amuse myself by torturing her by kissing her fat little belly instead...doozie dog? where are you????


ok...sorry, i am sick and highly amused...i am watching three legged diablo putting the run on four legged tang and long before diablo takes his first shot and realizes he only has one leg to whack with as he lands on his face? he is not very bright.


she will bite the hands that try to get the change back out of the hat nicole.
where is malapup's pictures? and nice, quiet, polite, non irritating dog lucky's too? (she needs her nails cut next time you are out please and thank you!)


there is nothing wrong with a pity post.
saints needs money!!!!
unless people know we are short of money they might not donate.
money money money, saints needs money!
maybe we can slap a hat on phoebe and make her dance around like a monkey begging for change.


i think not...carrie sounded like she was ready to drop her out of the car window on the way home from the vets.
this is why it would be a drag to have to lay off staff...cuz then i would have to be driving miss phoebe...altho...i do believe a harried and abused volunteer could get away with the occasional murder easier than actual paid staff???

Susan from Chicago

Maybe she will be better behaved now that it has been removed...


she had this black cauliflower like mass appear on her flank out of nowhere and it grew like it was on growth hormones or the last week we all got kind of nervous that maybe an alien was going to pop out of it. the vets don't even know what it is...they are calling it "phoebe's twin sister's little toe" they sent it off for pathology...maybe the darkness in phoebe is leaking out of her skin!

(ha! i can hear tammy's outraged protest screaming right now!)