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photos from this weekend

Nicole  ·  Feb. 9, 2009

Serena and her remaining kittens





Dusty (our blind diabetic who doesn't like blind portugese speaking dogs)

Lucky (our blind portugese speaking golden):


Ellie mae


Ellie eating my laces


Izzy, her kong, and Paluchie

izzy and paluchie



Joey and Al

joey and al

Diablo, being the most amazing cat ever. not much slows him down.




her stools are ok, still a bit soft, fri/and sun are just fine and see my next post.


Hey Carol, I sent you an email this morning on your very old e mail and I don't think it worked, so I'm just going to say it again. We are pretty sure we want this dog to ruin our home hehehe. Anyways, my parents would like to see her before deciding. My mom and I can come out Friday late afternoon if that's not interfering with anything, I know, it's a horrible time to have people out. My dad and I and my sis and brother (if they want too, hopefully not) can come out on Sunday. I know you are very busy, so please say no if you have too. Also, how have her stools been? Thank you so much for putting up with me in all this :)


Funny you mentioned that wire...cause when I saw it I wondered how long until she bent it right out of shape and/or removed it lmao!

Carol is stucco wire...i figured for recovery pens we didn't need the heavy dog proof wire but then i wasn't thinking about malapuppies at that particular time.


What kind of wire is that on the partitions? Is it stucco wire? I need to make a new animal door and that looks like it would work well.


oh my god i just love the one of ellie eating your shoelaces. wha a cool pic


OOps; n/m I see it is a baby kitten now, markings are almost identical to Buddy's. Never have given up hope; made 1 stupid error and he ran away from his catsitter's in Maple Ridge.


I must that White with black spots cat in the first pic an adult neutered male manx?? If so; I think he is our missing for almost 2 yrs Buddy.