Rescue Journal

i have a history before and beyond saints.

Carol  ·  Feb. 10, 2009

and that history has sometimes been a bit of a challenge and sometimes it has been a bit of a gift.

several years ago when i was running a cat shelter, a young high school student walked in our doors to earn her CAPP volunteer hours. her name was caylee. she was young and sweet and very quiet. and she could clean up after 8o cats like a dream. the cats loved her, the volunteers loved her and i loved her too. rare is it that young people can commit to something and really and truly without any prodding keep following thru.

i gave her her first reference for volunteer hours with one of our vets. she did so well that she was suddenly getting paid. she graduated from high school and then took a vet assistants course and then a couple of years later went back to get her vet tech. diploma. she will graduate with nicole. caylee has always had commitment and focus. i fully expect one day to be in with my leaking seniors and talking to her as one of our vets.
she still works at our vets when she is not in school and there she met our skye. her family has had mals in the past..altho i believe they have a couple of shepherd crosses now?

the possiblity that caylee and her family may offer skye her real and forever home, thrills me beyond i anxiously will wait until friday til they know what i already know...which is skye is going home with them.

no pressure caylee.



The next time someone starts going off about young people and how bad/disconnected/lazy/rude/blah blah blah they all are, remember this object lesson about Caylee. And remember Nicole, Renee, and Angelina, too. There are a lot of great "kids" out there.


aahhh bless. That bought a tear to my eye! (as Carol says - no pressure!)