Rescue Journal

if i was going to write a country and western rescue song

Carol  ·  Feb. 12, 2009

it would go something like this....

"that rescue runaway train"

savin' yer ass babe

jus' ain't fer the lazy and weak.

it ain't fer no average joe-bob

it's jus' fer an animal freak.

true blue rescuin'

can drive you right insane.

it's a job that ain't ever done boy
and a turrible backside pain.

it might get easier

if all of the folks quit makin it rain

and jus' took a break from heart ache

so you could get back to work again

and off that runaway train.

(and use your imagination here... the song finishes with a VERY long guitar instrumental and mournful rescuer wail)



Lol... I'll try this one on Tunie & see if it gets her tail wagging the same way it does when I sing " what the world needs now " she completly loves that song.. at least I think that is what the tail wagging is all about.


I think you might be a good contestant for Canadian Idol but the ending (mournful rescuer wail) may not get you through to the finals.