Rescue Journal

the poodle prince

Carol  ·  Feb. 12, 2009

is gone...not his choice...i sent him away to better life.

but holy shit, i feel sad.

i did not want to love that stupid dog but he made me. every single moment of every single day, he spoke his heartfelt poodle poetry in my ear.

he sucked me in, he made me adore him as much as he adored me in return.

pretty freaking sad that in all of my entire life, the very best lover i ever had was an ancient scruffy white poodle with a stupid name who looked good in a little black dress.

be happy forever cuddles , kathy and her family are going to fall head over heels for you too.



Big hug from me! I know what you're going through....I'm just not as strong as you. ;)


Doing the right thing and doing the easy thing are often at odds with each other. You showed how much you love Cuddles by letting him go. Love hurts, take care of your wounded heart.


ahh, i am sorry that you are hurting. we all know how much you loved little cuddles, but kathy and her mom will be awsome for him. he is a very sweet little dog and it will not be the same without him following you everywhere.