Rescue Journal

i have never been so happy to see a dog walk out our door.

Carol  ·  Feb. 14, 2009

that would have been izzy who chose today of all days (ADOPTION DAY) to bugger off over the fence and toodle off around the world.

thank god her new home is a condo!

anyway...i drive around for like 45 minutes becoming more panicked with every mile i drove. i met 2 joggers who had stopped and petted her and thought she looked lost and then continued jogging away. i met another jogger 3 times (and mo met her once) and on each pass we asked if she had seen her yet....that jogger got slightly pissed at the constant interruptions of her music and jogging rhythym.

laura ended up finding her and bringing her home and then i just gave the whole together thing up and broke down in tears.

her new mom arrived shortly thereafter (she has already booked into both obedience and "your new rescue dog" mom!)

we did the paperwork and i kept bitching non stop about that freaking fence jumping dog giving me a painful heart attack, good luck and hurry up, please take her home.

i liked izzy a lot til she scared me to death and made me imagine her dead on the road.

so have a good life iz...stay out of freaking trouble and i hope you always live in a third story condo!

and i would like to point out that loyal and stay at my side cuddles would never have selfishly freaked me out like that!



Izzy's new mom here...she's been renamed Gabi (after an Argentine footballer Gabriel Heinze - a little play on words - since she's almost a Heinz 57). Gabi has been a treat in her first week with me, loving every dog and every human she meets. She sleeps a lot so maybe 2 hours exercise a day is a bit much even for her! Thanks again Carol for a fabulous new addition to my family.


That's because Cuddles is a Poodle and NOT an independant adventuring Terrier! You know that, Carol. :)

Terriers have it in their genetic makeup to give us a heart attack now and then. lol Maybe it's so that they can see how much we truely love them when we find them....or because it's FUN!


i am so glad that everything turned out okay and izzy has gone to her new home. it was very nervewracking not knowing where she was this morning. i hope este has gone for her sleepover and i am keeping my fingers crossed as i really like her and i really like dawn so here is hoping. it was fun taking lucky into the memorial gardens this morning. she settled right down and had a sleep. it is very peaceful in there, listening to the wind chimes tinkling in the breeze. i looked at them and remembered all the saints i have known and have passed away and it was a good remembering. it really is a beautiful peaceful place to sit and just relax and enjoy.