Rescue Journal

just a heads up so everyone knows...

Carol  ·  Feb. 16, 2009

the ONLY dogs allowed to be in the kitchen are.....nina, squirt and lucky.

lucky because she is blind gets over reactive in the face of a lot of activity and chaos and will jump one of the other dogs if too much is going on.

i forgot to mention that yesterday on the day of our psuedo-full moon when everyone was acting all crazy....she jumped lexi and then nailed kathy when she tried to pull her off. she also went after suzie when the cats were fighting too. so keep in mind that lucky reacts if something big is going on and she can't see it but knows it is there somewhere. i think it frustrates her.
also...lucky does NOT like her collar touched so please loop a leash on her if you need to ask her to move somewhere.

actually the collar thing is true for dusty too...blind dogs do not like being pulled by their collars...they are too vulnerable. remember always use a leash, esp. if someone is blind.

ps...this morning everyone is quiet and better last or i will be on top of them like their worst dirty shirt nightmare. i want a peaceful day...i am the boss so i get what i want (at least i am getting what i want today for a change)



i think it must be so stressful for a blind dog. geez, it is hard enough going to a new place when you can see. kathy and i both noticed the stress in lucky yesterday and you are right, he hears things and does not know what is going on and so just acts on it. he does need quiet and pats and familiar voices i will try to take him out to the memorial garden when i come. last time i took him there he smoozed around and then lay on the grass and went to sleep. he really is a very sweet, if not frustrated dog. has he learned any english yet? lol i hope este gets her sleepover and all is well with dawns family. i am so sorry carrie about sam, i only met him twice, but what a great big sweet dog. my sympathies.

Chris T

Carol - we have had Clio, our blind dog, in a harness for years. She hates a leash and will dig in her heels and not move.