Rescue Journal

a little bit more news

Carol  ·  Feb. 17, 2009

cuddles is being adopted...sigh, i knew damn well once someone realized what a treasure was hanging out with me, he get stolen away.

there is a very happy life ahead of you now cuddles, thank were a very good friend to me.

chica is absolutely pissed that i let suzie go for a sleep over tonight...ooops sorry. tomorrow carrie, either take chica too or better yet, take phoebe or jewel.

one more new incoming...except his family will be boarding him in a nearby kennel for a few weeks til i have all of the new ones settled here and have some time to devote to bringing and settling him in. i will be spending some time with him while he is waiting at the kennel.
his name is jesse...he is a borsoi/spaniel? cross adopted from the spca about 5 yrs ago.

he is 12 yrs old now...has a significant history of high anxiety and a few incidents of biting because of his fear. his folks are now living with small grandchildren in the home and jesse quite frankly sucks big time with little kids. we are the end of the line for him so lets all cross our fingers that jesse can find some happiness here.



we now have another jesse, hope all goes well with him and he finds his place here. am happy for cuddles