Rescue Journal

squirt is hiding from me.

Carol  ·  Feb. 17, 2009

i got my hair cut today and now he is all scared of me. geez squirt.... ain't that bad...i saw a sign for $15 haircuts, pulled in and told them to chop it all off. i do this once a year or so cuz my hair grows too long. it is quite an efficient and cheap way to manage ones hair if you ask me... ignore it for 364 days and then chop it off fully on day 365. no fuss, no muss, no goofing around...just a well placed sign on the side of the road and poof, all your troublesome hair is gone.

the LA dogs are on their way...the ones that were pulled on their last day which matched our transport day were...fluke (who we were hoping to save) and bonnie and clyde (10 and 11 yr old american bulldogs with health issues who i think are a bonded pair.

i asked what happened to stony...i hope he got adopted but maybe he did not. this is the trouble with trying to get them on their last days but still having to figure out transport to match....kai said the three that are coming were pulled on their last day.

you can only do what you can only do....but i think i am sad.

it was a busy day since it is my last day off. and i am totally and completely exhausted today...good thing i am going back to work.

carrie took suzie the land shark home for a sleepover...she said home is pretty lonely right now without sam. suzie will keep her really good company...who'd have thought our doozie suzie could have ever become a therapy dog?!
ok that's the news i am freaking well done for now.

update...kai just reponded to my inquiry re stony...he has a note of interest on his kennel door. she will keep watching out for him in case it doesn't come to anything. fingers crossed for stony that he finds a really good home!



i love american bulldogs. they are one of my favorite breeds i have always had a soft spot for them.