Rescue Journal

the LA dogs are here...

Carol  ·  Feb. 19, 2009

sooooo...bonnie is the brindle girl, she has quite a large mammary tumour and gets a little bit nervous when i tell all the other saintly morons to please shut the hell up.

clyde is the big white guy...he is missing an entire ear (sooo, clyde, where did your ear go?) and he looks to have a bunch of weird scar tissue on his posterior part of both his lower legs..(soooo clyde...correct me if i am wrong, but did some idiot once long term hobble you?) and, oh....did i mention he is big???? like so big that when his open mouth came up to my face, i was pretty sure he was going to swallow my head whole. i do think however that his massive wet and friendly tongue would make a handy tool if we want to wash cars to raise money for saints. he gets out and out worried and skittish when my voice sounds the least bit firm. oops sorry, i was talking to them, not to you.
i am assuming within a day or two that i can say anything, any way that i want and they will just ignore me like everyone else.

fluke...hmmm...definitely not 16...more like a confused 11 who thinks he is 3. he was the most frightened intially but then someone threw his doornob switch and he got the zoomies. he has already slipped thru the mud cuz his feet are 11 and not 3 like he thinks. he also likes to hello hump, that might get his ass kicked if he tries it with cole. and i suspect fluke is a runner...everyone watch that tricky quick agile little beast anywhere near a gate.
nice dogs, great faces...welcome to saints new little buddies.

two of my handraised orphaned kittens from several years ago are coming back next week...apparently they have developed health and related behavioral problems. hmmm, they were 5 day old survivors, i always wondered if someday there would be a cost to them for this.



Tucker has mostly stopped. He only does it when he meets new male dogs at the park.


Also when I look at the pictures is Bonnie the same dog? Can't remember if she had white on her face??
Clyde is for sure mistaking him..he is going to be fun to have around Saints! In a GOOD way!!


I think you are right Carol....that is not the same Fluke as the picture. The one we have doesn't have any white on his chest or face. Oh well he lucked out big time coming to Saints..things happen for a reason! He is very sweet... and will be even cuter once he learns hello humping isn't received well. He is just very excited and nervous..Tucker was like that too..Angelina did he eventually learn his manners?


i am thinking...that ain't fluke we have here...i just went back and looked at the picture..i think someone got the dogs mixed up and we got a close but no cigar substitute...laura? do you think its the same dog????


thx for fixing them all up angelina...they all look and feel much better!


The cats name is Mama T. She is the sweetest girl. She didn't even flinch when you were shaving her.


If I still have the car on Saturday I will come up to meet the new guys.

Oh and Skye is a screamer when she has to have a bath! She sounded like I was trying to kill her. She is also likes to splash the water around and I think I ended up wetter than she did. Nina and Daphne did much better. It was even easier to shave the cat, whose name I forget, than it was to bathe Skye.


laura babysat the new guys while i put all the not in the house guys to bed.

we want to change their names (hey they are not their real names, they got them at the pound)

we would like clyde to be shrek, bonnie to be fiona, and fluke to be sir hump-a-lot.