Rescue Journal

and saints welcomes....(don't anyone shoot me cuz i wanna shoot myself)

Carol  ·  Feb. 20, 2009

tony. he is a senior pointer cross that i agreed to take as a favor to another rescuer. (he was too wrecked for her rambuctious guys)

kind of crippled in the back end, reminds me a little of a younger, healthier michael.... (with short hair)...seems like a nice dog who has taken over lucky's spot in the kitchen... (hope he is not a troll.)

and where is lucky you ask? ha hem...i moved her out into the office. she really was not dealing with nina's constant yelling for food. today she lost it and bit nina in the ear. lucky seems to like it better over there. it is quieter, she has her own bed and food bowl and no nina screaming in her ear. AND she can have direct access to the little outside porch and yard, right thru her office door....(except she has to take turns having free access out there with dusty cuz dusty still doesn't like lucky very much...blind dogs are a pain.)

este has gone for her sleep over to dawns...dawn called and este is upset (i told her to make her some peanut butter toast, it is a dog comfort food.)

jesse is at the kennel, waiting til we have room. i am not happy he is in there so i hope things settle around here really quick.

AND i no longer want to shoot myself cuz i got some really good news tonight....we now have a group of dedicated people who are going to help fundraise for this ever growing, crippled and wrecked, freaking expensive, geriatric crew...YAY!!YAY!!!YAY!!!

thank you god (you finally heard the bank was dry.)

so apparently i have 4 new dogs (and one waiting in the wings) in the past 24 hours that i have to learn and love....this ought to be interesting if not exactly fun.

i should maybe try rescue a little less intensely, at least for a little while.

oh and spritey was slow on her leg tonight. mo will double her quatrisol and keep an eye on her while i am at work tomorrow.



So so pleased to hear about the new group of dedicated fund raisers you have to help you continue the great work!
Thanks for everything you do to help the special ones who come into your care. And especially for one loveable "brat" who now calls your place home.


We all made it thru the night, Este seems fine but winded this morning. We will see how she does thru the day but I have my fingers crossed that she like us cause she sure is a love bug.



oh este be good this is your chance to go with someone who really loves dogs. do not blow it little girl.