Rescue Journal

updates and goals

Carol  ·  Feb. 20, 2009

the new guys did good last night..i shut them in the dog room cuz fluke i think would not have settled to bed inside...he would have stayed out if given the choice. he can choose once he is comfortable and fully understands the benefits of both options.

bonnie and clyde slept well on the beds...i need a strong gate to my bedroom so i can keep the door open at night. those monsters would just push thru the child gate like it was cotton candy and they are NOT crashing in on my bed. soon as we have some money.

quickie updates on those not mentioned recently...

sissy has a ton of hair...buddy not so much.

boo is starting to look old, cut that out!

endora is still living next to the sink.

tigger woods is still guarding the washer machine.

este's sleep over is re-booked for this week end.

our first booking of unknown but new friends for a movie night is set for saturday evening.

puppy is cute and puppy is loud and puppy does not like being kept in a pen. she thinks dusty is her mommy when she is out...dusty is ok with this.

pat/mosley/eddie have all recovered very well from their massive dental surgeries.

marty and diablo are still stuck in trigger happy cat pens which i am not too happy about.

all of serena's kittens are adopted...james and mikey got a home together...they leave mid march as their new mom is away and that gives us a chance to finish off with the last bit of mikey's ringworm (serena and james are now clear.)

my goal for the next few weeks is get some of these cats and dogs new homes and/or at least out of confined areas. too many areas, too many pens or cages, equal too much extra space to clean...i want all of the holding pens empty.

note to all saints...please cooperate with my plan and be nice when i put you somewhere.



Is Serena up for adoption too? May have a friend who might be interested in her or Renee Junior.