Rescue Journal

sad thoughts for saints new beloved ogres

Carol  ·  Feb. 21, 2009

the movie date is over...i think everyone had a good time. these were nice dog savoy people so a poop from dusty, a pee from cleo and a jack snarking at blind dusty was just par for the course.

so with the ending of the date, i went to settle everyone for bed and do the diabetics insulins. on the way over to the mp room, i spied clyde and bonnie thru the big dog window asleep together on a dog bed.

on the way back i snuck thru the dog yard so i could stand outside and watch them while they at their most innocent and vulnerable peacefully slept.

bonnie was curled around clydes head. his nose was tucked into her belly like he was a puppy nursing on his mom.

and i looked at these giant bully dogs and i felt so incredibly sad.

it has only taken a day and a half for most of us at saints to understand something pretty profound about these dogs. where ever they originally came from, however they had gotten away, they were not treated kindly. someone at some point has hurt these innocent dogs.

the public ignorantly views any kind of bully dog as some kind of potential raging monster...they are big, they are powerful in their bodies but that says nothing about their hearts and brains.

i don't know....maybe an unkind person might be more gentle with a tiny and frail little thing....maybe society expects and demands this. but a mammouth sized monster can be whacked around and treated roughly just because he is so big.

he still gets scared, he still feels pain, it still hurts him deeply inside.

oh i feel so sad tonight looking at those two innocently sweet and gentle beasts. they are hurting me as much as raymond is just so freaking unfair.

i don't usually get all wrapped up in what ever happened to them before they got here. my philosophy is usually, now you are here, life starts anew, lets see where this takes us now.

funny, i have seen some horrible things that are burned too deeply into my brain...and tonight i think i just saw something else equally horrible ...two friends who have been side by side forever and witnessed and shared each others terrible pain.

ahhhh...i think i just fell in love sadly again.



i like the symbolism and the similarities of shrek and fiona.....misunderstood and mistreated, both judged by appearences,not accepted and valued by mainstream society, neither classically beautiful and yet somehow they were...and more goodness of heart inside their big homely bodies than all the pretty petite princes and princesses combined.


How about giving these two lovers a new lease on life with new names that are classic and meaningful? Bogart and Hepburn. I hate "Bonnie and Clyde", and they deserve better than "Shrek and Fiona".


The bad memories will fade for these dogs, and the experience of being a SAINT will have them feeling safe and loved very soon. Your kindness in giving Bonnie & Clyde a chance to know the best of what life is, is truly the epitome of compassion. Please don't cause yourself pain by imagining their past, but know that right now their hearts and minds are being filled with peace. Nice work, Carol.

See you soon.


you and me both carol and probably everyone else at raints. we have all fallen in love with bonnie and clyde. they look like their hearts are as big as their bodies, and probably just as wrecked too. they sure love and depend on each other. hope they can soon run in the fields. and also sir humpalot and tony.