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getting the brain to start clicking here

Carol  ·  Feb. 22, 2009

the last day of work is always the worst...brain does not want to turn on yet.

let me see...i cleaned up the worst of the morning mess in the house at pooh corner, i am drinking my tea...i still have to visit diarrhea-ville (dusty, lucky and apollo, thank god skye moved to a different diarrhea city)...oh yeah is really sick with the flu so i gotta go let out the barn guys and feed. (get better mo)

i should unload the cat litter and canned food and haul some feed over to the barn (cuz some of the bins will be empty by tonight) but i think i won't cuz i am feeling freaking lazy. you just watch, i will be bitchin tonight when the end of the day tired hits...hmmmm, that is 12 hours away so i just won't think that far ahead yet, it is too early to be THAT prepared.

oh BUT..i better shove some more meds down chica's throat and do the insulins before i leave.

i think i have it now...brain is starting to click into for the body part...i feel lazy....don't want to move yet...not at least til noon.

ratz...move thy procrastinating ass doornob, you will be late for work!(but that is kind of ok cuz i already told them yesterday i might be late this morning...that was an easy thing to think ahead on cuz i KNEW on this last day of my shifts, i was going to be busy AND lazy)



Thanks for covering for me Laura & whomever else stepped in... I was discombobulated not being there, feels very weird..or maybe that's the fever. Sure missed seeing those guys, I was in & out of there so quickly on Saturday... I don't think I took the time to even give Cole his special scratches ..felt guilty all day

Francesca Wilson

Hi Carole

Marie and I will be out on Wednesday to help a touch. We should be there about 10:30 am.
Take care


hey...slyness only works if someone actually reads the blog before they head up is a crap shoot.


Carol, you are so funny! You of all people are allowed to be lazy once in a while. You are also sly.....the feed bins in the barn will be full when you get in there tonight. I agree "feel better Mo" all the Saints on your barn crew are DISCOMBOBULATED(word for the day) without you there!