Rescue Journal

and the honeymoon stage is ending

Carol  ·  Feb. 23, 2009

tony is a pain. he is not to be left behind in any room that i choose to leave. he counts to ten and if i am not back, he barks til i go and get him. apparently, he is my new best friend and this new friend of mine pisses on everything. i started him on metacam ....he is in pain...last night when he was a bit grumpy (his head was tucked into my side and he was alternating between groaning happy sounds and growling cranky sounds) i added tramadol to his mix, that helped him settle down and rest and got rid of his thinking he might have to bite me if he started to hurt any bigger.

bonnie is running a fever, she goes into the vet today. i started her on tramadol last night too (plus her baytril) she is over reacting right now cuz she doesn't feel well and is feverish. she is charging me barking when i initially enter the room (with her idiot big buddy right behind her) as soon as she clues in that it is me she is fine, she stops and is happy to see me (and so is clyde). but it is a little bit disconcerting to have those two giant dogs barking and charging me as soon as i walk in the door until she figures out who i actually am. high fevers can mess up their perceptions a bit. i probably should have given her melixacam instead as that would have helped bring down her temperature last night...oh well, there is always today but i will wait til the vet sees her in case he wants to do bloodwork to check her kidney function first.

the not fluke dog is still a very happy and humpy camper. i do want a new name for him for sure...since he is not fluke, i don't want to call him fluke, i want to call the real fluke, fluke (where are you little buddy? you better not be dead!)...i was thinking of calling this guy "englebert humperdink" but i just know it would get shortened to "dink"...not so he is not a dink, just a bit too friendly for sure.

oh well...his name will come to me, eventually.