Rescue Journal

i really have to get the year end stuff done today for sure

Carol  ·  Feb. 24, 2009

come hell or high water. the past few weeks my days off have been filled with one animal or staffing crises after another. please god today, just let me get this one thing freaking well done.

i decided to hold back $1000 from paying one of the vet bills to get the front field fence fixed once and for all. joey went thru it again yesterday...carrie caught him beetling for the school again, enough is enough.

putting chicken wire up over the 4 inch farm fence was just a cheap and stupid idea, we have been fixing it and fighting with it for far too long....i should know better than to try for half-assed temporary solutions to real ongoing problems with dogs.

good, solid, escape proof fencing is critical to their safety, don't mess around. duh, now why did i not think of that 2 years ago?

well, i better move my butt...with the staff reductions, i have taken on daily responsibility for the main cleaning of the big dog areas, plus i still have the morning clean up/insulins/feedings in the mp as long as both renee and carrie get here, hearty and hale (EVERYONE is getting sick with the flu lately) i should be able to whip thru my stuff and move on to the book keepers needs.

medical updates

fiona had a few sutures removed, the area cleaned, her antibiotics renewed and goes back in on saturday for a re-check and maybe more sutures out.

shrek has a badly abcessed canine, so on saturday he will get bloodwork and his sutures out and be booked for a much needed dental.

chica made a miraculous recovery from her GI bleed but she still goes in late this afternoon for assessment to see if we can find the underlying cause.

i have not booked nina in for her eye removal yet but will do it today.

edith's arthritis is really bugging her again and she is lame. the barn guys are all do for their next de-worming so i will have the vets out to re-check her then.

spritely's leg looked good last night but i haven't seen it today yet.

tony's pain is better controlled.

lucky still has diarrhea, dusty and apollo's bloodsugars are still far too high...we have adjusted their insulin doses up again...dusty is now at 22 units and apollo is now up to 14 units twice a day.

laura and i intregrated lincoln and o'grady together on the weekend...they are both doing ok...they seem to like each others company. o'grady's breathing is still too rapid (the lung infection is better but his heart is still not all that good)...i fear he is not going to be lincoln's friend for very long but hope floats til it sinks.

and the new little bunny stevie is doing ok...i will get him booked in for his neuter and then either put him in with the little bunnies or try him with lincoln and o'grady in case lincoln is one day alone again.

we are in DESPERATE need of large flat flannel sheets if anyone has any they don't really need.



apollo and dusty are both fed their own appropriate DM food only and don't get treats either and still no major improvement. boo diabetes


ok then. :) NPH??
Changing thier diet might help, but it would be pretty impossible for them to be on separate food from the others. unless as maybe a suppliment when they get thier canned food? If i come up with anything that might be slightly useful I will pass it along.


the shelter spayed/neutered and removed some cancerous masses. these over run shelters are on less than shoestring budgets so they use the cheaper metal (thin wire strands, not staples) suture materials which is really irritating.


Fiona and Shrek sound sweet and adorable. You were mentioning stitches. Did they have surgeries before they came up here?


we have been using the lantus for apollo...i am thinking of switching him to NPH. we just switched dusty from caninsulin to NPH and last night she drank less, peed less and this morning was not so vorociously starving to death.


For Dusty and Apollo, could it be some insulin resistance? Have you tried one under brand name Lantus. Insulin Glargine (rDNA origin).
According to our vet who attended the Las Vegas Conference, there was a a large focus on diabetic treatments, Lantus is currently The Best form of insulin available for cats with some form of resistance.


phoebe has been very good lately...calmer and nicer and not such a pain in the butt.


Glad to hear O'Grady is doing okay and now he has a new friend. Hope he perks up a bit.
How's Phoebe been lately?