Rescue Journal

this weekend

Carol  ·  Feb. 26, 2009

the volunteer sign up calendar for this weekend is empty.

mo is still not fully recovered from the flu and is asking for someone to help her in the barn.

i am on afternoon shifts sat/sun so i can get a good chunk of the critical work done around here before i leave at noon..just need to know if we have any extra help so i can plan things in order of priority.



Francesca Wilson

Yes,Marie and I plus a friend are going to the fundraiser. Interestingly, about 30 people from my local dog park are also going. Good, I hope they donate lots of money! I will take photos. I am still curious to see how they are coping with 56 plus dogs having dinner!!!


i will also be out on the weekend. i forget to sign that sheet. i will always be out sat and sun unless i say differently.


i'm coming out, but i don't know which day (sat morning or sun afternoon), plus it depends on how wes is doing.


tonight is ok laura..renee is working til 5 pm so she can put the barn guys to bed. i am just heading out to feed, set loose and clean out there...oh the heavy wheelbarrows in this snow are so going to suck!
but looks pretty, oh yay.


thx francesca but i can't come to the fundraiser, i am working til 9 pm. are you guys going?

Francesca Wilson

Marie and I came yesterday - no snow when we left home, but it really came down and it was a bit of a white knuckle drive home. Mostly wanted to say we fell in love with the dear bulldogs - so friendly, so gorgeous to look at. I am soooo glad they are safe now at SAINTS. I hope the snow doesn't stop you from getting to town on Saturday. If for any reason you need a place to stay for the night, Don and I would be more than happy to put you up.
Take care


Good morning Carol..or with this crappy weather I should just say morning! Lana and I will be there for sure. If Mo is not fully recovered she can take another day off and I will do the barns and I'll also talk to K.O. this morning. Though I know it is killing MO being away from the Saints Crew. She could come and just sit and visit.
Also if you are on you need any help up there tonight? I'm free..but not easy!