Rescue Journal

i wonder how the fundraiser went at the pacific pallisades hotel tonight.

Carol  ·  Feb. 28, 2009

i just got off of work, but am on call yet for another hour.

hopefully all the saintly folks there will post in here and report the highlites for those of us that couldn't attend. hint, hint.

busy day tour, i think it went well. thx everyone for all the help today!!
chyna is home again...i didn't do my job very well for her. she is happy to be back so at least that is a relief...sorry chyna, next time i will try to get it right for you.

shrek and fiona had their sutures out, shrek had his bloodwork. they both need to stay on their antibiotics for a little bit longer. the vet thinks they are lovely too!

new dog in..i am going to call him "Les" cuz he really needs to lose some weight, we are going to try positive thinking...he used to be called "Mud" so i think Les is an improvement. apparently he was 18 pounds last april, today he was 36...we have one of the few almost 40 pounder poodles in the world...poor, poor not so little thing. we drew blood today to look at thyroid and possibly diabetes or cushings. hopefully soon he will feel more comfortable.

regarding the other recent name changes... fiona and shrek work for those two..woody just doesn't fit so i am going to leave him "fluke" which does seem to suit him.

ok...diabetic time, then once my call time is done...a hot soak in the tub til the news about tonight's fun begins to trickle in.


Zoe M.

Agreed, agreed, agreed and agreed.

However, I do think that if this happens again ( fingers crossed), we should bring Jewel, Copper and maybe Phoebe to give everybody the true SAINTS experience.

A very lovely evening indeed!


It was a lot of fun. I was amazed how everyone was pretty settled down - only a few "stolen" meals that I saw! :) Lots of cute dogs and (hopefully) lots of good publicity for SAINTS. The kind that brings in more money, not more animals. ;)

P.S. Zoe and Nicole - I was right about that bulldog, Hank. He's a client of ours.

Francesca Wilson

Hi Carole
I couldn't believe i when I looked into the restaurant and it was white tablecloths and candles. They kept it exactly as a high class restaurant. I somehow thought we would be put in with vinyl and wipe down stuff! I took my terrified Tessa and she had a great time, especially eating dessert - the cat shaped banana cake with peanut butter sauce on it.... A wonderful evening with amazing dogs.


i am glad everyone had a good time and i hope the hotel staff enjoyed and feel really good about helping us this month too. the vet bills again have begun their upward climb as the saints go marching on into the clinics.
yay pacific pallisades, a heart felt thank you!!!!


honestly, i am astounded there were no fights considering the delectable suppers the dogs were offered! everyone seemed to enjoy the event, great dogs, food, and people! (still sorry i missed a bit of your speech Nicole, lol!). But I did hear the awws of how/where the Saints animals come from part and I really hope it helps with the awareness and understanding of Saints.


It was an awesome event. The food was delicious and the company was great. All the dogs behaved. Susan & I brought Emily & Charlotte from the Vancouver Shelter and they hoovered up their canine cuisine in seconds. Charlotte especially appreciated the cat-shaped cookies. She ate three.

Will email photos to Nicole tomorrow. Thanks for a great time Pacific Palisades!


It was a wonderful evening - my brain is tired/quit right now, will post more tomorrow. Shelley was there snapping photos so maybe she will email a few to me and i can post them (hint hint!).


We had a great time tonight. It looked like everyone enjoyed the evening. The food was great, the staff friendly and everyone seemed very upbeat. Nicolle made a sweet sincere speech. MacKenie threw up on the front lawn when we got home so I know he enjoyed himself too. Other's may not have noticed but I think he wins the best behaved dog award. There is something to be said for being the deaf guy at a noisy party!