Rescue Journal

les slept on my bed last night

Carol  ·  Mar. 1, 2009

he is not distant and uninterested in humans. it is just too hard for him to follow you around so you have to go and get him. he wags his funny little pointy tail, he likes to be touched...he doesn't get the whole "i am sharing a conversation with you" because i think no one really ever talked to him much. he looks at me like "what ARE you yabbering about?"

it is like chyna never even left..that's good...i would feel bad if i set her up to feel all sad and disappointed. she really is a very good little dog. welcome home fuzzy potato nose.

dawn was here yesterday and to quote her.... "poking around" looking for a new foster dog. who did she email me about? a small, black shepherdy looking dog with a heart collar maude...she said she is sweet. maude is sweet and she is also mine and honestly dawn has no conception of that ancient dog's ability to create utter havoc and destruction when her mood and the moon perfectly align.

sorry dawn...pick phoebe...she is not so sweet but she doesn't hysterically eat thru walls in 15 seconds and then quite seriously tell you... " should have been quicker to see to my needs."

i got an update on skye yesterday...she had her first poop with some form to it. the whole crate at bed thing lasted not even into the very first night...she is now QUIETLY sleeping next to mom and dad's bed and being very good about it too....i guess they got to hear her scream and the crate just seemed like a really bad idea cuz skye was going to win. in this case, having heard her, i TOTALLY agree.

last afternoon shift tonight, then two days off...oh will i get the year end paper stuff together this time around?????

i am lovin crippled, leaky ancient animals again this morning...everyone is still sleeping and looking innocently sweet while i drink my tea.



If Phoebe were going to be "nuked", it would have happened a long time ago, and not by Carol. Someday someone might have the guts to take on Phoebe, but if that never happens, she'll live out her life at SAINTS, even though she is a giant PITA.


Oh yeah, one more thing about the "poking of a dog". I HAVE A KID! She's good with the dogs, but they have to be poke proof if you know what I mean.


Hey Carol I asked about Tony & Lucky too! " :) Had a nice visit with both. The reunion with Este was great, such a good dog. I will call you later about Lucky...


I'm hoping to see Phoebe this week so don't send her out or nuke her yet. She is probably in need of a trip to McDonald's.